Investment books

I’ve bought hundreds of trading books since I begin trading.

Below are the ones that I find most helpful.


Extraordinary Popular Delusions and The Madness of Crowds by Charles MacKay

How to Trade In Stocks by Jesse Livermore

One Good Trade: Inside the Highly Competitive World of Proprietary Trading by Mike Bellafiore

Pit Bull: Lessons from Wall Street’s Champion Day Trader by Martin Schwartz

Reminiscences of a Stock Operator by Edwin Lefevre

The Daily Trading Coach: 101 Lessons for Becoming Your Own Trading Psychologist by Brett N. Steenbarger PhD

The Logical Trader: Applying a Method to the Madness by Mark B. Fisher

The Stock Trader: How I Make a Living Trading Stocks by Tony Oz

The Three Secrets to Trading Momentum Indicators by David Penn

Thinking in Bets: Making Smarter Decisions When You Don’t Have All the Facts by Annie Duke

Trading Chaos: Maximize Profits with Proven Technical Techniques by Justine Gregory-Williams and Bill M. Williams

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  1. Just ran across your blog due to my interest in AMRN. I was curious if you have found any great books on generating consistent income from your portfolio.. thanks

    • Eric,

      Books are written by individual trader who chose to share their experience; thus, you are giving a chance to find out about the author individuality from his past experiences. His/her successes are the result of years of trials and tribulations that contributed to his/her learning curves which resulted in net profits. This kind of successes cannot be achieved without discipline and awareness. Don’t forget that we are only talking about the authors who build a name for him/herself as a successful traders. There are plenty of trading books written by academic who did not do well trading but their trading strategies “sound” logical.

      In a nutshell, due to the author individuality, it is difficult for readers to find one book that can help them to make money consistently unless the reader happen to match the author temperament, discipline, and market awareness perfectly. Due to the simple fact that we each have our own level of temperament, discipline, and market awareness, the odd of finding a successful trader who match the reader individuality is rare.

      I listed out the books I like ’cause each book offered some insight that contributed to my market awareness. If you read enough trading books, the key elements from the books that resonate to your individuality will stay with you. Along with repeated of key points shared by multiple trading books from successful traders, you begin to trust those key points and include them into your trading repertoire. These key points are the ones that resonate to your individuality.

      With discipline and awareness, these key points will begin to build root in your trading mindset and become part of your successful trading endeavor. The technical indicators you saw on my charts are the ones I chose after years of observing them. My suggestion is to read as many trading books you can find; the time you commit to reading multiple trading books is also testament to your commitment to improve yourself as a trader/investor/speculator. I own more than 200 trading books and the ones in my suggested reading list are the ones that resonate to me the most.

      If you want to learn more about how I improve myself as a trader, you can read my “Where Ego Dares” blog posts I wrote. You can either search for “Where Ego Dares” in this blog or go to home page and check the posts on the left column titled “Trading philosophies and thoughts”.

      Thanks for reading my blog.

  2. Thanks for the insight. I have read a number of books in the pat as well. To be honest my favorite has been O’Neil’s and I have had some great stocks following his philosophies. I have been investing for about 20 yrs off and on. Good luck with AMRN and thanks for the blog.

    • Great to hear you do well with O’Neal’s trading philosophies. O’Neal’s books are excellent with a very structural methodologies and they resonate with you. I read that a lot of people did well with his books. Perhaps, if I’d more resonance with his books in the early days, I might do even better than now.

      Thanks for sharing!


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