Weekly thought on $IBIO, $LRAD

Before you read on, please be aware that the analysis below is my opinion only and may include flawed assumptions and inaccuracy of logic; therefore, caveat emptor applies here.  Furthermore, all emphasis (color-coded, boldness, and underlined) on the excerpts are my own.

After last week strong rally, the SP500 took a breather that ended with a small doji bar. SP-500_weeklyI never like a doji bar near the top because it has the potential to be a signal for a turn-around.  Especially when a doji bar appears near the all-time high, it pays to be more cautious.  However, if the SP500 can rally next week, this doji becomes the “pause” before continuing higher.

This week I got lucky with $ONVO as a profitable daytrade.  Seeing a small green bar on the previous Friday, I expected a bounce this week.  So I bought $ONVO Monday morning looking for a bounce.  Lo and behold, by the late afternoon, sudden fury of buying kicked in and the price shot up to almost 24% for the day.  Seeing a quick windfall, I immediately set a trailing stop to protect the profit.  Not being surprised, I got stopped out for a nice gain.

$IBIO – For those who have been an investor for many years, can you see the transformation of iBio in recent times?  Do you also see that the off-patent of many prime biologic drugs open the door wide open for more biosimilars to be approved by the FDA?  This bodes very well for iBio because iBio CDMO is now an entirely bona fide one-stop shop that can take the customers’ biologic drug sequence from the beginning to the final biologic drugs that are ready to send to clinics for trial runs.  Imagine the efficiency and the SPEED of operation all under one roof.  The headache of coordinating multiple off-site processing facilities (production and fill-finish) is eliminated when customers sign up with iBio CDMO. Furthermore, iBio’s plant-based technology offers the MOST economical way to produce biosimilars so that it is much more affordable globally.

Unfortunately, due to global warming, our earth is also going through a transformation that is wreaking havoc to our living environment.  Both the North and South poles are melting ices and raising sea level.  Summer becomes hotter, and winter becomes colder.  This creates a more volatile environment that also forces our deadly micro-biological enemies to come out of its hidden place to prey on human.  Although the large Ebola outbreak burned out in 2014, it is already bouncing back to haunt us and are still spreading.

Below is a cut/paste from the CDC Current Outbreak List:


The way I see it, the above list is just the beginning.  As more pathogens come to prey on human as time passes, I dare say that iBio’s plant-based tech and its facility will eventually become the national asset in which DARPA envisioned years ago.

My opinion is that $IBIO will begin its long-term uptrend very soon until a BO happens along the way.

LRAD This week, “LRAD® Corporation Announces $1.7 Million in Defense and Homeland Security Orders.”  Below is an excerpt:

LRAD_1.7M Order

Notice that LRAD won the orders from Japan’s Coast Guard “after extensive testing and a competitive tender.”  In other words, LRAD’s tech beat out all other competitors.  In my opinion, LRAD has the BEST acoustic hailing device in the world.  No wonder the homeland security and defense forces in 72 nations are deploying LRAD systems to support the full spectrum of their missions and operations!

As far as I’m concerned, both $IBIO and $LRAD are must-hold assets.

Thanks to profiting from $ONVO and gain on $IBIO, my port gained back some this week.

Current positions (in alphabet order):

Stocks = $IBIO  $LRAD

Options = $TRXC (call);

Up 24.2% YTD

My 2 cents

From my camera:

Sunday Home Depot 007

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