Weekly thought on $AEMD, $AMRN, $DFFN, $IBIO, $LRAD, TRXC

With the benefit of today hindsight, the broad market is liking to head higher this week.

Today, I came upon this article, “This mock pandemic killed 150 million people. Next time it might not be a drill” which was published yesterday.  It was quite an interesting read, and it embodied the issues related to our ability to handle a severe pandemic attack.

Below is the key paragraph that emphasized a major salient point- how much time do we have when a pandemic outbreak starts?:

By the end of the exercise, failure to develop a vaccine within 20 months had led to 150 million deaths globally, or about 2 percent of the world’s population. Players underscored the need for the United States to “go from bug to drug faster,” said Jim Talen, a former Republican senator from Missouri who played the defense secretary.

Basically, the mock simulation speculated 150 million would die if the vaccine could not be delivered within 20 months.  That pretty much means vaccine must be “delivered” in less than ten months to stop or at least slow down the spreading.  Don’t forget that even with a discovery of a new vaccine to combat the pandemic virus, it is the speed of production that determines how many people have to die.  This is where $IBIO shines!  And this is where $AEMD‘s hemopurifier shines as well!

While the AEMD’s hemopurifier requires quite a bit of work to cure the infected patient due to the need of using a dialysis machine and a bed, it is STILL a valid device to be used tactically to cure critical personnel to protect the “brain trust” to save the world from pandemic attack.  In other worlds, AEMD’s hemopurifier will be needed globally, and inventory must be built pronto to augment the preparation for the possible pandemic attack.  The whole point of even having a hemopurifier being invented is that you do NOT want to wait for the pandemic attack to come before you start the mass production.  You want a stockpile of it in every country BEFORE the pandemic attack ’cause there is NO TIME to waste!

Without $IBIO, there is no AEMD’s hemopurifier since iBio’s tech is the only tech that can mass produce the hemopurifier ingredient economically and efficiently.  The traditional method of mass producing the hemopurifier ingredient will be cost prohibitive as well as taking too long to deliver.  On top of being AEMD’s primary supplier, iBio’s tech can also speed up the mass production of the newly designed vaccine to combat the pandemic.

At this juncture, iBIO is like a war machine that can defend the country; but it is only relevant when there is a war.  In the same manner of speaking, $IBIO will become relevant when there is a hint of a pandemic attack about to start.

$LRAD has the best tech to mass-communicate to the public by hardware and location specific text messaging (I assume to be sort of like the emergency cell phone alerts but with location-specific target areas).  If the U.S./Mexico wall is ever going to be built, LRAD has 3 out of 5 chance to be included in the wall budget. That is 60% being picked if the wall is approved.

Below is the excerpt from the recent earnings conference call:

Carter Christopher

Okay, great. And any news on the border? Any of the border prototypes incorporating LRAD? Can you hear that or?

Richard Danforth

Yes, I think I said it a couple calls ago, but I think there were five wall prototypes, LRAD is on three of them. Obviously, decision on the wall has not been built, but, if one – if a wall is actually funded and built, there is a high probability we’ll be part of it.

$LRAD is currently down, and I picked a few more shares today.  Despite weak price action, I’m still very bullish long-term on this stock.

$DFFN is all about the coming trial on using their drug on stroke victims.  I’m more excited about the stroke trial than the cancer trial, but that is just me.

$AMRN As far as I’m concerned, I’m betting that the result of Reduced-it trial will generate enough interest to start a bull run as we approach the third quarter. It’s not going to be an easy straight up but a slow climb with a touch of volatility to spice thing up a bit.

$TRXC has a magic bullet in its arsenal.  You can read my thought ->here.

Thanks to $TRXC gain last week, my port suffered only slightly despite negative drawdown from $LRAD and $IBIO.

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