Weekly thought on $AEMD, $AMRN, $IBIO, $LRAD, TRXC

SP-500_weeklyGiving the after-hour trading of SP500 is up 17 points at this moment, I think it is safe to assume we are heading back up to test the .former historical high pretty soon.

This week, I made another change by getting out of $GRWG to lock in gain and allocated the fund to buy back $AMRN and added to $AEMD, $LRAD, and $TRXC.  I sold $GRWG when I realized I was over-weighted in an OTC stock.  After the earnings report, when there was no momentum to go higher, I decided to peel off shares to buy back $AMRN.  As I was peeling off shares, I decided to sell the rest of the position so that I could beef up my size in $AEMD and added to $LRAD and $TRXC to round up position size.

I had an urge to add to $AEMD because I got a  feeling that FDA response might be coming soon.  It could be next week or next month.

$LRAD earning update was pretty good per my 2 cents, but it seems to me the investment community is not wholly “satisfied” with the lack of momentum in the mass notification department.  Meanwhile, I’m going to sit on my position to wait for the following to happen: (below are the excerpts from the recent 2nd qtr fiscal 2018 earning update):

  1. SUBSTANTIAL opportunities for fully integrated turnkey solutions that combined hardware & software
  2. The army is committed to meeting requirements of the AHD program, and we anticipate a competitive solicitation in fiscal 2018
  3. [Genasys & LRAD hardware combo] “So it opened up that space that was not previously available to the LRAD company.”
  4. we have had interest from customers including large municipalities and higher education opportunities

And when the above begin to materialize into sales, I expect to see a significant price increase from here.

$IBIO and $AEMD are sensitive time-bombs waiting to explode. It is my 2 cents that because of global warming, our world is entering into a more hostile environment. Sure, you can brush off this concern as being “far-fetched,” but I chose to hold these two positions for potential pandemic attack.  Below is an excerpt from the article, “Ebola is back. It’s an emergency” that highlighted my point:

It is too easy to dismiss this as a faraway problem. In a world of globalized transportation, dangerous pathogens do not stop at passport control. Braking Ebola in Congo is essential to keeping it from Chicago.

Our ability to reach everywhere in the world is also our weakest link when it comes to protecting ourselves from dangerous pathogens.  It is my 2 cents that we all should have some biotech stocks that deal with the potential pandemic attack.  The irony is that we’ve to survive the attack to enjoy the fruit of the win.  Well, iBio and AEMD are my picks to hold.

$AMRN is all about Reduce-it trial result coming out in the 3rd quarter this year. I think I may just hold on to this position without jumping in and out.

$TRXC has been amazing. You can read my thought on TRXC by clicking –> here

This week, again thanks to $TRXC, my port gained nicely.

Current positions (in alphabet order):

AEMD  AMRN  IBIO  LRAD  TRXC & cash (up 17% YTD)

My 2 cents

From my camera:


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