Weekly thought on $AEMD, $DFFN, $IBIO, $LRAD, TRXC

Well, folks, I believe the bull is BACK!SP-500_weeklyLook at the bullish engulfment on the weekly chart!  I rest my case!

Thankfully, my port is going back up as well.

$IBIO has a great run despite pulling back some by end of week. The news, “iBio Expands Antibody Development and Production Services to Include Fc Fusion Therapeutics” set off a run on Wednesday.

The significance of this news can be read off directly from the news itself; so let me highlighted them. Below are excerpts from the news:

  • IBIO, INC. (NYSE AMERICAN:IBIO) (“iBio”) announced the expansion of its CDMO capabilities and services to include the development and cGMP manufacturing of Fc fusion proteins for therapeutic pharmaceutical applications.
    • My comment: I think getting the cGMP manufacturing of Fc fusion to be in compliance with the FDA guideline after taking control from Caliber Biotherapeutics years ago is a game changer here.
  • Fc fusion proteins are typically created using Chinese hamster ovary (“CHO”) cells and combining the active portion of a desirable protein with the naturally stable “tail portion” of an antibody protein. The resulting hybrid protein can exhibit important commercial and clinical advantages over both the original protein and traditional antibodies.
    • My comment: CHO is old tech and can take too long to manufacture in emergency situation.  The problem with pandemic attack is that it may come without warning and a speedy manufacturing of vaccine is of utmost important. iBIO plant-based protein expression may be our solution here.
  • Numerous Fc fusion proteins have been approved by the FDA for a range of applications including colorectal cancer, macular degeneration, hemophilia, and others. Additional Fc fusion proteins are in various stages of research and clinical development.
    • My comment: I don’t think I need to elaborate here because iBIO is now in position to take businesses from biotech companies who have FDA approved applications mentioned above.
  • iBio is now able to offer clients committed to the clinical development of proprietary Fc fusion products the use of iBio’s proprietary, plant-based technologies and facilities to achieve the same competitive advantages it offers its antibody clients. These include more rapid and economical evaluation of multiple lead candidates during early development and significant time and cost savings during each stage of scale up of production from laboratory quantities to cGMP pilot lots for GLP toxicology and human clinical trials and then for commercial manufacturing. In addition, by using iBio’s proprietary plant-based technology instead of CHO or other mammalian cell technologies, iBio generates monoclonal antibody vectors entirely free of any viral transforming functions or contamination from parental lines.  iBio’s “lab to launch” capability and capacity for biologics development now extends to this important Fc fusion therapeutic protein category.
    • My comment: re-read the above to appreciate the advantages of iBIO plant-based protein expression over the traditional method. I believe we may be seeing contracts rolling in during the year since iBIO stated that it “is now able to” offer clients the services they needed.

Flipping $IBIO is the daytraders and swingtraders MO so I do not concern myself with the daily price action.  As a matter of fact, this week volatility offered some frustrated investors the liquidity to exit their positions.  Nevertheless, I’m still very bullish and is even more excited about the coming future.  As I’ve repeated myself many times here, iBIO’s plant-based protein expression is a technology that our society needed and I think the time has arrived for iBIO to eventually shine.  For those who have stayed as long as I’ve (or even longer) with $IBIO, I wish us all bon voyage because our journey has only just BEGUN!

Coming catalysts for IBIO:

  • Positive direction from FDA regarding AEMD’s hemopurifier commercial pathway will kick off the IBIO manufacturing machine in action.
  • Filing of IND for their lead therapeutic candidate IBIO-CFB03 for the treatment of systemic scleroderma, idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, and other fibrotic diseases.
  • Contracts from BPs relating to the Fc Fusion proteins mentioned above
  • Positive result from the case against Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft in Delaware Chancery Court

Technical speaking, $IBIO broke out of resistance and managed to close above it.IBIO_weeklyI believe any one of the catalysts mentioned above have the potential to kick off a sustained uptrend from here.

$AEMD continued on its upward journey waiting to hear from FDA regarding its commercial pathway for the hemopurifier.  There is nothing to do but wait.

$DFFN spiked back up this week and I’m not really surprised.  This company has so much potential if its TSC treatment of hypoxia proves to be effective.  I’m just going to sit here and wait for result. Daily price fluctuation doesn’t bother me here.

$LRAD is just waiting for one bad ass news to get the market to pay attention.  Once it does, this stock will have decent trading volume going forward.  Meanwhile, I’ve no problem waiting.  I’m waiting for news regarding a city contract for their superior mass notification systems.  I’ve no idea if it will come but I’m confident that their technology will sell itself in time.

$TRXC took a break after the ER update.  I’m still very bullish and you can read my thought => here.

Thanks mainly to big bounce from $$IBIO and smaller bounces from LRAD, AEMD, and DFFN, my port gained nicely for the week.

Current positions:

LRAD  IBIO  TRXC  AEMD  DFFN & cash (up 10.7% YTD)

My 2 cents

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