Weekly thought on $AEMD, $HTGM, $IBIO, $LRAD, $SEED, $SIGO, TRXC

Every year I had to endure some setback and last week is such week.  Although I gave back unrealized gain on $TRXC, the actual losses I incurred were mainly from sales of all my $MCIG and partial $SEED holdings.  Both were sold below my entry points.

$TRXC suffered from an organized shorts’ attacks and I wrote a special thought on this.  You can read about my $TRXC thought by clicking –>here.

I sold $MCIG mainly because of Kern County, Calfornia decision to ban commercial sales and cultivation of cannabis.  I don’t know if mCig is going to find another location in California to cultivate but I didn’t care anymore ’cause I sold it to buy more $TRXC.

However, I did add more $SIGO to make up for giving up $MCIG.  $SIGO does have a solid footprint of cultivating cannabis in California and you can see their progress from their website.

$HTGM is doing fantastic technically.HTGM_weeklyAlthough there was a long wick on top of the green bar, it is still a weekly up bar with a higher high and a higher low.  I expect surprised positive revenues growth to be in-line (if not exceeding) with their guidance to be reported on November 7th which will then sparked a major rally going forward.  Below is a slide from the company presentation which speak for itself below:HTGM_slide2I’m confident that they will meet (if not exceeding) guidance because of HTGM technological advantages.  That’s my bet.

$LRAD remains strong in the weekly chart:LRAD_weeklyI believe the superior technology of $LRAD is beginning to receive recognition it deserved.  Once words pass around regarding the long-distance clear voices from existing happy customers of LRAD’s mass notification systems, I believe more installations in colleges, universities, cities will happen.  Oh yeah, the future additional U.S. Army purchase of the LRAD will be a BIG bonus as well.  That’s my bet.

I sold half of my $SEED position last week to add more $TRXC.  I sold not because I don’t believe in China future adoption of GMO seed; I sold because I think $TRXC will rebound faster than $SEED will get any update from CEO Bill.  I will LOVE CEO Bill to prove me wrong since I still have a nice chunk of shares here.  I took losses from selling $SEED but I’m OK with that because I believe I can make it back easily with $TRXC.  Of course, there is no guarantee but it is my personal probability assessment in play here.

$IBIO and $AEMD are now a waiting game.  There are one major catalyst that will drive both stocks to the upper stratosphere and it is the FDA approval of AEMD’s hemopurifier for indication to filter a broad range of virus, known and unknown.  Since AEMD received FDA EAP designation, there is a chance that an approval decision will come faster especially if FDA allows AEMD to use real life data or real life evidence to support their 510(k) medical device application.  After seeing the result of removing ebola virus from a comatose patient with multiple organs failure, I just don’t see how FDA will reject this magical filter that can be our salvation when there is pandemic virus attack (known and unknown) popping out all of a sudden.

$IBIO also have another catalyst that will pop this one big time. It’s the filing of NDA for their fibrosis treatment.  Of course, more contracts with BPs wanting to use iBIO cheaper peptide production will also move $IBIO up over a dollar easily.  That’s my bet.

Due to drawdowns from TRXC, IBIO, MCIG, SEED this week, my port suffered temporary setback.

Current positions:

Main port: TRXC  LRAD  IBIO  SEED  HTGM  AEMD  SIGO & cash (up 24% YTD)

Trading port: MENXF IBIO

My 2 cents

From my camera:



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