Weekly thought

Where is my money?

It’s in the mail.

That is what I’ve been dealing with even though it is supposed to be a wire transfer. I believe the delay is to purposely earn interest on the float at my expense.  Basically, I’m still unable to do anything this week due to account transfer in progress.

This two weeks of no major position is a rare occurrence for me and I wonder if this is something I need to learn to accustom to.  Perhaps, this “forced” experience of no major position for an extended period (two weeks) is a lesson that I need to augment to my trading style. With current market environment, I think there are time that it is better to be in mostly cash for a short period of time (more than a week) to see where the wind is blowing.

Despite market making all time highs sequentially, I’m just not feeling the strong vibe of a raging bull market.  To me, it’s like a twilight zone.  While the stocks I’m monitoring don’t act like they are in the raging bull market, the SP500 sure acts like it is.  But I can’t see the meat…

Anyway, giving that there’s nothing I really miss based on the stocks I’m monitoring, I consider this delay in my fund transfer a hard lesson in sitting on the sideline for more than a week.

Due to no trade, YTD performance remains the same.

Current positions:

Main port: No position 100% cash (up 25% YTD)

Trading port (with margin): MENXF IBIO HIMX

My 2 cents

From my camera:



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