Weekly thought on $AMRN, $ARTH, $DUST, $IBIO, $MTCH

This was a typical slow and “undecided” week that ended with a doji bar.


Uh  Ohh…

Yeap, that’s right!  A weekly doji bar next to major resistance (near the all-time-high) is a recipe for a turning point per my book.  As such, coupled with a powerful blast to the face which I explain later, I was shaken from my dream of an ever climbing stock market.

Red Alert!  Red Alert!

Needless to say, I kicked into action and started selling equities to raise cash.  By end of day, I raised cash to about 80%.

This week I would like to start off with $DUST which was the source of the blast to my face.  I started off with a low-level position which is a bit larger than starter position.  Since it was not a large position, I could weather the stormy days without breaking a sweat.  By then gold was on a downtrend waiting to break thru support.  I was literally at break-even Thursday night before the draconian opening on Friday morning after the job report was announced.

I made a mistake waiting for a bounce from a supposedly over-reactive selling opening before cutting losses.  Instead of bouncing after the gap-down, price continued to slide down the steep slope like a beginning skier who hadn’t learn how to stop a slide yet.  Couldn’t bear to watch my losses piling up faster than I could calculate the percentage damage, I cut losses as soon as I realized the magnitude of the coil gold price was unwinding.  This was what slapped me on the face hard on Friday.  So hard that I woke up from my dream of a strong recovering economy where stock prices are going up and up.


From the daily chart above, $DUST cut thru the gains of the last three weeks in one fell swoop and created a brand new low to boost.  Luckily, my position size was only low level; otherwise, my losses would be much larger.

Made no mistake, I took this powerful spike of gold price on Friday as a sign of fear regarding the current state of the economy.  The talk of raising interest rate due to “stronger” economy is now confirmed as a bluff.  With poor showing on new job creation, dollar crashed, gold spiked, and I took a hard slap on the face.  Ouch!

$AMRN soared after FDA “finally” issued the company their long awaited NCE (new chemical entity) status for its main product- Vascepa.  This essentially keeps the generic drug manufacturers out of competition until 2020.  This definitely save the company a boat load of money in defending its patent against generic drug manufacturers.

Unfortunately, I already unloaded my $AMRN position a week before by 80% due to the weekly  resistance of  the 79 moving average.  I sold the remaining 20% after the NCE news  thinking that profit-taking would take it back down the next day.  I was wrong, more buyers came in and price continued to head higher. Seeing that the NCE brought in positive effect, I bought back shares I sold and added more during Thursday. But then, after Friday wake-up call, I dumped the entire position of $AMRN to raise cash.


From the weekly chart above, this week price surge constituted a cup & handle breakout pattern.  Probability speaking, this breakout could be the major turning point for the stock to start a long-term uptrend direction.

Then why did I sell Friday?

Have you ever wondered why I’ve always posted the SP500 chart at the start of my blog?  This is because I see the “possible” directional change of the SP500 trumped most individual companies’ fundamental and technical.

As the old sayings go, all rising tides raise all boats while a falling tide lower all boats.

I may miss the continuing price rise or I may have the opportunity to buy back cheaper.  Let’s see what next week bring.

$ARTH has a weekly correction bar since the dilution news.


While this week bar is red, the weekly chart is setting up a “potential” breakout of a cup & handle pattern.  Remember, a cup & handle pattern means nothing if there is no breakout.

I’m still having a hard time reconciling to the fact that Arch diluted before the human trial result is released.  My perspective of Arch has changed from a “this-can’t-go-wrong” to “better-be-safe-than-sorry” after the dilution news.  If there were no dilution news, I would still be holding my super-size position.  Since that wasn’t the case, I continued to reduce my position size from “swing-for-the-fences” to “large” to”mid-level” to “free shares.”  In other words, I’ve recouped my original investment in Arch and is riding only on free shares.

Yes, I know.  I’m taking the risk of leaving a lot of money on the table.  Since I can’t reconcile to the early dilution in light of the massive potential of Arch’s AC5, I lost my “mojo” to swing for the fences on this one.

$IBIO continued to drip a little due to absent of news.


From the weekly chart above, the overall current trend is still up and the recent three small red bars are creating a bull flag pattern.  You may even see a “bowl” and handle pattern which follows the principle of the cup and handle pattern.  A breakout to the upside is what I’m betting my money on.

Since there have not been any new information to change my “this-can’t-go-wrong” perspective; I’m still holding strong and have not sold a share.

$MTCH seemed to be fighting a powerful resistance for some reason. Instead of bouncing from a doji bar next to support, price took the opposite direction to the downside.


Giving price did not bounce, the message of “non-conforming” to the expectation of a pattern is as important if price had bounced.  There is a lot of selling pressure in Match Group.

I can only think of two reasons for the selling pressure:

  1. Big funds want in for cheap shares, so they’ve a program designed to shake the trees to get those cheap share
  2. The billion dollar debt on the book is quite an eye sore.  Thus, we need another strong quarter to reflect continuing demand of Match smorgasbord of dating services before investors are convinced to buy the stock.

Friday action seemed to suggest #2 since price could not sustain an intra-day rally even with the positive news update on Tinder.

Giving my already bad feeling about the broad market, I decided to cut losses and liquidated my $MTCH position to look for an opportunity to buy cheaper shares if possible. As of now, I’ve no position.

In summary, this week market action against my portfolio sent the following loud messages to me:

  2. Directly from the job report, the economy is not in good health
  3. While the impetus to raise interest rate is gone, there is no impetus for the price to rally either.  Remember, companies are not hiring so there is no growth.
  4. There is a time to be aggressive and there is a time to play safe; this is the time to play safe is my take of it.

I’ve done ok so far this year with a decent gain and have no intention to let the market takes it back.  I’ve to take action to protect gain when I feel there is a correction on the broad market coming regardless if I’m right or wrong on my feeling.   Several times I made the wrong calls and missed out profit opportunities; but I also know that it only takes one “miss” of not going into cash to give back all my gains and more.  The sting of the losses in my $DUST trade is a painful reminder that I needed to go to cash NOW.

I know, I could be wrong once again and miss out profit opportunities.  That’s ok too ’cause I know when I get my mojo back, I’ll take more bites out of the market.

Current positions:

Main port (no margin): IBIO, TZA and 77% cash.  (up 28% YTD.  I used about 3% cash to buy TZA to short the market)

Trading port (with margin): ARTH (free shares only)

My 2 cents

From my camera:




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31 replies

  1. Long term holder ARTH. I understand your defensive move but the trial results must get closer every day. How does it fail if 3DMatrix/Puramatrix $7777 tokyo, has already achieved a CE mark for essentially the same goo? Also, AC5 is being trialed on surface ‘wounds’. I cant imagine that Norchi and pals havent tried it on shaving cuts etc. The dilution took me by surprise too, but I was re-assured by the way it quickly bounced back. Short of failing the trial, 40 looks like support. I dont see the SP500 affectng this one yet although it IS a good general touch stone.

    • Hi Alan,

      I totally get your logic for it was the same as mine as well before the dilution.

      Per your reply to me on my 05/15/2016 post, you also stated “Cant see how it can fail (famous last words!) as 3D matrix (essentially the same MIT product) already gained a CE mark without a human trial….but their sales are abysmal.”

      The begging question is “how did 3DM get their CE mark without a human trial?” Did they receive a “light” version of the CE mark that restricted its product to only a few functions? Why didn’t 3DM conduct a human trial when they’ve the lead time against Arch? Was it something they learned not to do because of their failed trial in Japan? These questions, while non-issue to me before the dilution, become more relevant in my mindset after Arch diluted before the result of human trial. These are the basis for my inability to reconcile the reason for early dilution.

      I’ve to go with my mindset in all my trades. If it doesn’t sit right with me, I’ve to adjust my position regardless of whether I’m correct or not on my mindset. Each investor has their own risk profile which determined their own tolerance of risk giving their own interpretation of new information.

      Since I’m still invested in $ARTH, albeit with smaller size, I’m rooting for higher price to come after the human trial.

      Good luck to us!

      • Good questions ZenH….and I dont have the full answers. Unfortunately its a Japanese company and its not easy to converse with them directly. I tried their UK distributor and they said ‘3Dwho?’ Im not sure if there is such a thing as a ‘lite’ CE mark but its certainly on sale to hospitals and I doubt theyre using it hang curtains. But nobody has gone too far down the 3D route, theyre all too enamoured with Saint Norchi (I was almost called a traitor for mentioning them at first). But I think I see where your going….did they avoid the Human trial to avoid cost/time or coz, at that time they had no competition so thought it was all theyd need to launch their goo or they werent sure it would easily pass muster? Id also like to know more about the failed Japan trial (which I believe its now passed). Moreso, Id like to know about the supposed US trial….is it real? is it human?
        My BIG worry with the dilution isnt just timing…..its that it was for such a small amount of $….almost a petty cash top up to continue paying 5 wages (your thoughts on the size would be appreciated.). Is Norchi really running that close to the wind? IMO this is too important a science discovery to let it whither on the vine; but you cant run a company on iou’s forever. ARCH is a natural for takeover by say JnJ. Have they done their sums and are biding their time, waiting for Norchi to come rattling his charirty tin before they condescend to make their worst offer? OMG, now Im getting nervous.

        Perhaps not such a bad time to Trust the Force Zen ! Such a dilemma.for a gambler. Maybe I should be planning a nice holiday rather than making a down payment on that private Caribbean island. You know, I almost wish Id never met you coz my ignorance used to be bliss.

      • Your BIG concern regarding the amount is also a concern of mine. Perhaps they are hedging the bet ’cause they know they can dilute again with more favorable term when positive result is realized from the human trial.

        Regarding the science being an important discovery, why ain’t JnJ knocking on their door already? Why is Norchi still diluting in the pennyland? So far, all we hear is how great AC5 is but no one has mentioned any pitfalls or weaknesses of AC5. Perhaps, answers from 3DM may bring some of the weaknesses to light, if any.

        Do you know what is the largest animal AC5 had been tested on? If they only did it on mice, the pressure from the blood flow is minimal and may not be comparable to pressure of human blood.

        Check out the Seeking Alpha’s article which you probably already read: http://seekingalpha.com/article/3964460-tiny-arch-therapeutics-just-doubled-time-dump

        There are comments from an anesthesiologist in the article under the name of 22nowind that really opened my eyes to the reality of the hemostat world. Although 22nowind manner of speech might be a bit hard to swallow, but the guy made a whole lot of senses. We might be putting way too much beneficial effects on AC5 more than it is warranted due to our ignorance.

        So, when I put all the above together, I decided to reduce my risk.

        Thanks again for sharing your thought!

      • Zen: I guess youve seen todays important news, but for others that havent http://ir.archtherapeutics.com/press-releases/detail/476

        Most encouraging. May be time to buy back soon.

      • Hi Alan,

        Thanks for continuing sharing your thoughts. I’ll respond to each of your reply.

        Today news is definitely another positive update but it is not enough for me to jump back to size up my position. My beef is simply that Arch is not willing to wait until trial is over with “positive result” before dilution. They want to hedge their bet by diluting first and look at result later.

        Below is an excerpt from today news:

        “A total of 46 patients have been enrolled in this randomized controlled single-blind study, which is taking place in Ireland. The Company anticipates announcing the results from the study during summer 2016 after completion of the patient follow-up assessments (30-day) and subsequent statistical analysis. The endpoints include product-related adverse events and time to hemostasis. To date, no serious adverse events have been reported.”


        30 days plus time for statistical analysis– we could be looking to hear something by mid-July. There is still time to dilute with positive result before their money run out in October.
        To date, no serious adverse events have been reported– this is good news; BUT will there be minor adverse events to deal with? I don’t think Arch can handle a “qualified positive test result” that may include minor issues. In other words, my 2 cents is that the result need to be 100% for price to take off.

        You see, my contention is simply why diluted so early? Is it because of some minor issues that we don’t know about yet?

        Don’t mind me. I’ve been wrong many times so my concern is simply my own concern and may not reflect what is really going on.


  2. Asking Norchi questions is generally a waste of pixels. This especially at such a sensitive stage in their trial. But Im happy to go to 3D and ask some questions like: why didnt you go for human trials, is the CE mark you have restrictive; is the US trial human? Also to approach my contact in the CE trials authority arena and ask; How long does it generally take to complete a device trial. Id appreciate you (or anyone) adding any thoughts you may have to this list. Id be surprised if I get anything definative……but if you dont ask, you dont get.

    • The three questions you have can provide us a broader pictures of what Arch has to deal with. My only other questions are:

      “What is the main application for Puramatrix?”
      “Is it purely for hemostatic purpose? And if yes, what area of the body is it limited to?”
      “How long can Puramatrix act as a hemostatic device once it is applied to the body? Is there a time limit before effectiveness becomes nullified?”

      I think the last question may provide us some clue on the durability of AC5 once it is applied.


      • Where to start? Try this:
        $ARTH (long)
        Here are some interesting observations pertaining to AC5 and ARTH from an “operating suite insider” – an anesthesiologist with 30 years OR experience, a self-described witness to “lots of BLEEDING (emptied blood banks and yes exsanguination) from multiple sources”:

        “I don’t think there is too much of an argument, for MAJOR BLEEDING like Abdominal /Thoracic/Splenic Artery aneurysm ruptures, Carotid/ Jugular trauma, heart trauma itself etc., major artery bleeding treated with suturing/patch/graph is the treatment of choice. But so often unless dire emergency getting to source of major bleed is fraught with many many minor bleeds, that not only take time to control with suture ligation and cautery, but clouds the visual field. This AC5 product would be ideal. Also, in areas where there is no distinctive/obvious vessel to ligate like uterine/liver sinuses, but bleeding oozing is evident, again AC5 would be ideal(at site). Bleeding can be very clandestine, normal vital signs one minute, next bottom falls out!!! Also . . . . trapped blood/hematomas are a wonderful culture medium for bacteria. Bacteria are grown for analysis in path labs on Blood agar plates. The association with M.I.T. major league and know it quite well with brief but intense exposure. . . . . For this price, potential market, reward far outweighs risk, people on team running it, and associations(M.I.T.) this is a NO BRAINER for this dude. Emptying the piggy bank buying (ARTH) as soon as markets open 5-31-16. Heck this is far far more secure than ANY lottery ticket or ANY casino. Thanks EP.”

        These comments were excerpted from a 5-27-2016 post (user name “nowind22”) made in response to our David B’s excellent SA ARTH article published 4-11-2016 under his SA handle “GreenGrowthGeek.”
        drbonz says:
        May 30, 2016 at 8:58 am

        Then theres this reply From DoctorBonz:

        With all due respect to anesthesiologists, they really don’t know much about what is going on inside the surgical field. In fact, they usually literally never look inside it. They are up at the head of the patient with drapes all around them. Granted, they see the RESULT of surgical bleeding (blood pressure drops, tachycardia etc.) but they rarely ever see the ACTUAL bleeding or where it is coming from.

        Some of what he says is very legitimate. AC5 will help a great deal with “ooze-like” bleeding. I am not sure what role if any it will have in heavy arterial bleeding. In other words, if a surgeon has an arterial bleed (as he mentioned an aneurysm rupture etc.) with blood actively pumping in your face, I don’t know that AC5 stops that. Those need to be clamped and tied. It is feasible that it could be used to (maybe) slow it down a bit during that process but I’m not sure. Also, the amount of product needed for this would be large. To fill up a bleeding abdomen would take A LOT of AC5.

        Where I theorize AC5 will have the most benefit/use will be AFTER these repairs have been done and it would then be used as a “patch” over the surgical repair site. It would take a significantly less amount of product in this application.

        Again, not trying to be a wet blanket here. I am long $ARCH. Oh, and in case anyone sees this and says, “who the hell is this guy?” I am an Orthopedic surgeon. Most definitely an operating room “insider” 🙂

        then theres your guys comments.

        Anyone gotta crystal ball????


      • Very nice counterpoint from DoctorBonz but what I like about nowind22’s comments is his attempt to bring us back to the realistic application of AC5 instead of seeing it as an all-purpose hemostat device. Until we know how long AC5 can stay as an hemostat device after applications, how much pressure AC5 can handle once applied to human body, we have to stay ground on the possibility of some short-falls if any.

        Since AC5 does not stop the bleeding by coagulation but by putting a scaffold over the bleeding area, will the pressure of the human blood flow push the scaffold out and form a tiny balloon before popping? These are some of the questions that are going to be answered by the on-going human trial.

        Good luck to us!

      • Re yours 11.40…Indeed! Theres the differnce between 0.004 and $4 (which is why I may learn to admire you fall back position to ‘free shares’ or you may regret pissing your pants and cashing out…Ha ha!. But the ‘trial’ is on surface wounds such as wart removal. I somehow doubt that it will answer those questions. GL, one of us will be proved right

      • Because this trial is for surface wounds only, I believe there are still plenty of times for me to get back in even after the trial result is proved positive. There are the possibility of selling on news because so many already have in mind to sell after news and wait for pull-back. As to leaving money on the table ’cause I only have ‘free shares’, I have my hits and misses before so it is nothing new. Naah, I won’t piss on my pants but will probably roll my eyes for effect… 🙂

      • Zen: I like you!….neither of us are pumping or recco’ing dumping this stock. We tell it as we see it (however blindly). I too think that trial approval will be a good time to exit, then buy back. My worry is that Norchi has a trick up his sleeve that will leave the exiters high and dry.(he’s too short of cash not to have one). Im caught like a rabbit in the headlights. The only certainty is that whatever I do, itll be the wrong thing with this one. Still, no one ever went broke selling for a profit eh? They just lived in regret!

      • Your worry is normal as in all speculation. Before you can reconcile your worry, you need to overcome your greed first. Greed, no matter how seasoned you are as a trader, is what caused us to be like rabbit in the headlight syndrome. There were a few times I saved myself from major losses ’cause I found information on a stock that pierced my bubble of greed and I exited just in time to save my ass. I’m not saying Arch has that danger but the early dilution before human trial is that piece of information which caused me to reevaluate my risk profile. It is what pierced my bubble of greed.

        Don’t forget I also got out too early on some trades…


      • Re durability: AC5 is a temp transparent ultra quick spritz on fix to stop/inhibit bleeding (like a coagulant…..but not a coagulant coz its faster and creates a physical, pressure resisting barrier) till a surgeon can attend. (most bleeders die on the way to surgery through blood loss) 3D has the benefit of allowing the surgeon to paste it on, do his thing and seal the cracks after surgery (I think) Thats fine if you dont die on the way to the operating room! In both cases,the idea of the scaffold is that it remains in situ till the body ‘heals’ itself. Both AC5 and Puracell are body natural products that, thereafter, are absorbed into the blood stream and vanish down the toilet with no ill effects. So Im assuming both last longer than the natural healing process takes to work, or at least till the surgeon has stitched you up.

        Wheres the difference? Well my guess is that AC5 stems the bleeding till the surgeon can do his thing and Puramatrix is a tool that the surgeon uses to stop bleeding while he works. Both are absorbed into the bloodstream thereafter (they are essentially the same goo…just one presently works faster). Now you have to ask wheres the differential benefit? Puramatrix will do the job in 1million operating theatres. AC5 will do the job in 100m ambulances, on the battlefield and in every first aid kit in the world. Thats my guess.

      • We know that AC5 does not have toxicity issue after 21 days but we have yet to find out how long AC5 can keep the blood from bleeding or leaking after application before being absorbed into the blood stream. The longer AC5 can stay put as an hemostat device, the better it is for multiple applications. We will find that out soon enough.

        Do you remember what the largest animal AC5 were tested on during preclinical trials?


      • I only ever saw rats.
        How long……till you get to surgery is long enough isnt it?

      • We need to remove the assumption and know for a fact based on the human trial how long AC5 can last and whether it can handle the pressure of the human blood flow without collapsing as a hemostat device. That is why this human trial is so critical and will provide answers to the questions listed here.


      • Yep, and we all need to know which horse won the Derby before we lay our bet dont we. If there was a sure thing, we’d ALL be milyonaires. Place your bets gentlemen.

      • We can only make a good calculated guess to which horse is going to win the Derby race. The point of our discourse is to explain why I no longer want to “swing for the fences” on Arch due to the concerns discussed. Hence the reduction of my risk. If you find out your favorite jockey on the horse you’re betting on is no longer riding the horse, will you still make an outsized bet on the horse?

      • I have NO qualms about your v sensible move of going to free shares….protecting you account is the first rule you learn…. last in this game. Im not sure which of these two sayings is right ‘Fortune favours the brave’ or ‘ A fool and his money are soon parted’. But like all teaser predictions: given enough time, they are all right….even if inflation means that in time, they are all wrong. GL. We’re just chewing the known data and tomorrow will inevitably prove we only know how to bite our tongue.

  3. Hey, this is a two horse race (unless they both fall) Which would you bet on?

  4. Alan Harris and Zenhunter. Read your fascinating conversation. I also own some ARTH. I am familiar with the Seeking Alpha column you mentioned as well. Your discussion raised some concerns on my part. Poked around the internet over the weekend and found something you may find interesting and might alleviate your concerns. I’m new to biotech so I am in the very early educational stage. This particular link/study compares several hemostatic agents and mentions Purmatrix, which I assume is Purastat. I think this study was published on the web site in 2015 some time. It does not mention AC5 in this particular case. However, it does seem to infer that some of the other hemostatic agents used in this study comparison performed better than Puramatrix/Purastat. You will not have to read very far to find this comparison. If I am interpreting the column correct, and that is a big “if”, I think it is saying that Purastat did not perform as well when “blood thinners” were being used. It is my understanding that AC5 works just as well with or without the presence of anti-coagulants. If I am completely incorrect spare me no mercy. I am so preschool level Biotech, I assure you I am very capable of misinterpreting what I am reading on these medical web sites. I would welcome being corrected. Good Luck.


    • Excellent find, Steve! Although I’m no longer in $ARTH, your finding only go to show that there are numerous new products coming out to compete in the hemostasis space. However, it looks like SB50 still has a long way to go to show that it is safe for human. Not to mention SB50 is derived from snake-venom.

      Compared to standard of care, Gelfoam, and investigational hemostats such as Puramatrix, only SB50 showed rapid liver incision hemostasis post surgical application. This snake venom-loaded peptide hydrogel can be applied via syringe and conforms to the wound site resulting in hemostasis. This demonstrates a facile method for surgical hemostasis even in the presence of anticoagulant therapies.

      I think it all comes down to how effective and cheaply made the peptide hydrogel is. My 2 cents is that the one with long shelf life will win the war. Imagine the doctor pulls out the peptide (either SB50 or AC5) and find that the solution inside the bottle has been solidified due to premature “expiration”.

      Good luck with your $ARTH investment.

    • Steve: Good to share with a newbie emergent sleuth. My understanding (and thats all we have to go on unless we are in sitting the lab) is that AC5 has an INDEFINITE shelf life. It would take pages and pages to bring you up to speed (not meaning to patronise, its just that my fingers couldnt stand punching all those pixels). My apologies to Zen who has a VERY informative site here which I follow avidly….but you REALLY ought to visit Stockgumshoe,com and become a Irregular member for the princely sum of $49pa. (delete that reference/link if you wish Zen) If you have ANY interest in bio investing (indeed, any interest in Bio let alone investing.) or cracking general teasers for free, its an education that shouldnt be missed. My handle is AlanH and Im an old hand. We dont do put downs; we dont do Yahoo! bickering. We are a team, all winning or falling into the same bear traps. I look fwd to meeting you there…remind me and say hello…..Ill give you the walk around.

      • Oh, ps…. ‘indefinite’, without refridgeration ! So a soldiers backpack/ambulance is an ideal storage space…and most soldiers/wounded civilians, die of blood loss on the way to hospital. One spritz with AC5 and you have a fighting chance of getting to the op theatre.

      • That is 1+ for AC5 for long shelf life!

        Thanks for being a loyal reader! 🙂

  5. Thanks for the additional perspective and information Zen, Alan and runningrep. I am assuming runningrep and Alan may be the same person, since runningrep revealed his handle as AlanH. I mentioned on another post, I think it was seeking alpha, that I am in my first round of Biotech rodeo’s. Only been trading for 6 months. So much to learn and so little time. Recently Biotech caught my imagination, specifically when I was introduced to the AC5 post on SA thru an analyst on another post about CTIX. I know, it’s convoluted. I had previously invested in CTIX and still have a position. That is another one that just appears to be on the verge of a possible “game changer” in the future of the health care industry, and possibly on more than one level, due to what appears to be a wonderful pipeline of products.

    It appears to me some of these small Biotechs may actually be where a lot of the really cool “sausage” is being made. I had no clue.

    Thanks for the invite to stockgumshoe runningrep. I plan on wondering over there and learning more about it. No worries about patronizing me, I’m too uneducated to be patronized anyway. Like I said, I’m just a pre-schooler here. And Zen I plan on becoming a loyal follower as well. I don’t even recall how I stumbled across your post, but happy I did. I think I was researching AC5, which makes sense, and found you that way. Thanks again, and as usual, Best and GL…

    • Sausage…..you just gotta be a Brit using expressions like that (Clue for our US readers: sausage and mash = cash). As for ‘Uneducated’? Im just a plumber !
      Gumshoe has a free area for busting $$$ teasers, but all the bio stuff is behind a pay wall. Travis may give you a free day pass or allow a refund if you cancel pdq (Dunno…just ask). But I do know that once you look around, if youre at all interested in bio, you aint gonna exit, especially when you see the separate spreadsheets of 100’s of bio tickers each with focused expert comment. The SA author you mentioned is one of our team. We also have the offer of a private conference call with Norchi coming v soon which should be enlightening. Maybe coz we collectively own near 7mil shares that we know of !

      My worry with $ARTH is that its a microcap thats now being heavily traded, so even if the trial results are v positive, I could easily imagine a mass exodus as soon as the trial results are known, crashing the price. Anyway enough of this blather. Lets get back to $MTCH and the other exceptional tickers here….looking good IMO. Thanks for your indulgence Zen and for this excellent FREE site !

      • Hi AlanH,

        Excellent recap of the pros and cons on speculating in microcap.

        Yes, $MTCH is looking strong here even in today market. I believe the good result in $YELP help some in the social media stocks.

        Thanks for the positive feedback!


    • Hi Steve,

      Thanks for sharing your thought!

      Biotech is a challenging market to speculate; therefore you will need all the info and opinions of others to assess the overall picture. And still you are at the mercy of trial results. Let’s just say learning to speculate in Biotech is like learning how to play professional poker. You need to learn how to read the players as well as guessing who is “bluffing”.

      And thanks for reading!


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