Weekly thought on $AMRN, $ARTH, $CARA, $DMRC, $GWPH

This is the week of a minor correction after six straight weeks going up.


Since this week red bar is still above the  weekly 79 MA support, I say the bull is still strong. While I had a bit of concern over a down bar on Wednesday after Tuesday spinning top bar on the SP500, Thursday late day rally negated the bearish momentum and the week ended with a small red bar.

This week, I added back $AMRN to my port.  I believe now is the best time to get back in due to their recent favorable settlement with FDA to allow marketing Vascepa for off-label use.  With the FDA’s dark shadow removed, I expect to see more aggressive marketing of the truth and non-misleading information to the doctors so they can become aware of the benefits of Vascepa for off-label use.  On top of that, there is a small chance of an “interim halt” of the Reduce-it trial due to strong safety and efficacy results; however, I’m not holding my breath for this one.  Nevertheless, I want to be invested if this small chance of halting the trial does happen in 2016.


Technical speaking, this week ended with a doji bar next to support of the Fibonnaci 61.8% retracement level.  By now, you should know that a doji bar next to support or resistance is a very BIG deal to me; thus, instead of getting in next week, I jumped the gun to get back in earlier.

$ARTH has another strong week.  I’m not surprised due to all the positive developments happening which included the recent commencement of Arch’s first human trial with result coming in this summer.  As part of the requirement for human trial, Arch Therapeutics Obtains Favorable Safety Data for AC5 Surgical Hemostatic Device(TM) in Skin Irritation Testing in Humans.  This is an important news ’cause it proves that Arch’s AC5 will not generate any negative reaction from human skin.  This increase the odd of success in the on-going human trial.


Price is now over the weekly 79 & 89 resistance which is very strong.  I expect to see price continues to rise toward summer due to optimism in the human trial result. We will find out soon.

$CARA had a volatile week but a good week nevertheless.  I traded part of the position to limit the gain give-back on Wednesday and bought back in on Thursday when the SP500 did not fall-off the cliff.


Since this week bar confirmed an upward momentum from last week doji bar, I’m still very bullish on this stock.  In other words, the bounce has only just begun.

$DMRC has another strong week despite the weak general market.


Ever since the 2016 Big Retail Show and the announcement of GS1-US collaboration, we can assume that words have been traveling thru all kind of retail channels about the new Digimarc barcode backed by GS1-US. Recent NextPack conference is another door open for words to get around.

You’ve to give Digimarc applaud for working tirelessly behind the scenes with various clients (new or prospective) to get this mega-project moving along in a meticulous and logical fashion. I’m constantly impressed with the professional results we’ve seen so far- how the major companies specialized in supporting retailers are now part of the Digimarc channel partners and how well they forged a close relationship with GS1-US. Anything less in their performance, the short-sellers will eat this one alive.

But this is not the case here, the short-sellers are losing its grip in pushing the price down. I believe because of Digimarc stellar performance to date, serious money is coming to bid for the stock. Someone(s) is accumulating the stock steadily and slowly. The short-sellers, not due to lack of effort, could not walk below the $26.00 support.. Weeks after weeks, they couldn’t do it. The fact that $DMRC price rallied the last two days in the face of a down general market is, IMHO, the sign that a lot of sideline money is coming to this stock.

Short interest update @ 03/15/2016 is 1,531,999, an increase of another 48K shares from 02/29/2016. Total short-interest is a whopping 20% of the float and shows that the short-sellers are having a hard time keeping the price down even with new shares shorted.

While we cannot see or hear anything new since the earning conference call, I’ve no doubt Digimarc and its professional team are busy building a foundation for the next technological upgrade in the retail industry.

$GWPH also has a good week since it closed with a green weekly bar to offset last week red bar.


Another up week will put price above the weekly 79 & 89 resistance.  I expect to see price to climb in an zig-zag fashion. Furthermore, any positive result from other Ph3 trials in the next few months can spike this one higher.

So far, I believe I have a handful of positions with a good chance of being a runner.  Let’s see which one win the race for my port.

My 2 cents.

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