Weekly thought on $ARTH, $BIOC, $DMRC, $GWPH, $IBIO, $RBYCF

Wow! What’s a week!  Instead of falling down the stairs non-stop, the bull was able to fight back and rallied hard to close the week with another solid green bar.  This made last Friday doji bar as a continuing bullish doji bar instead of a “reversal at resistance” doji bar.


From the weekly chart above, $SPY had broken thru the last week high resistance and moved further up.  Now, all it has to do is to break out of the 79 MA resistance and make at least one new historical high in 2016.

$ARTH has an exciting week and closed the week with a solid green bar although price gave back a big chunk of gain later in the week.


At least, investors are blessed with updates that included the receipt of ISO 13485 Certification for AC5 and the filing in the clinical trials government website.

By summer time, investors will know the result of the current human trial that has just commenced.  A success will make this a hugely profitable investment even though this is only the 1st human trial for a dermatological surgery as in removing a skin lesions.  Notice the primary objective in this human trial is listed as:

Primary Outcome Measures:

  • Number of serious adverse events during the 30 days of follow-up [ Time Frame: 30 Days Post Procedure ] [ Designated as safety issue: Yes ]

    Local reactions to clinical investigation product (pain, edema, rash, cellulitis, localized infectious processes, other) detected during clinical investigation follow up.

    Systemic reactions after administration of clinical investigation product (fever, allergic reaction, anaphylaxis or any clinical untoward event) detected during clinical investigation follow up.

A success here meant that there are no negative reactions to the use of AC5 on human skin. And that is on top of being able to stop the bleeding immediately during the removing of skin lesions. Thus, it is logical that Arch will move on to the next low-hanging fruits to generate revenues which is the bed sores market. Imagine the convenient and benefit of using AC5 compared to the current bandage that needed to be removed and replaced regularly to prevent infection. AC5, if successful, is more than a one-time bandage application, it also acted as a protective cover to prevent infection and encourage healing.  Imagine the size of these two markets (dermatology and bed sores) and imagine the money that Arch can generate to support future human trials that included internal surgeries.

Yeap, this is going to be an exciting summer alright!

$BIOC also had a similar pattern of $ARCH.  Biocept earning conference call highlighted a lot of encouraging updates that included an increase in billable test samples sent by doctors.  Comparing to Trovagene, Biocept is way ahead of the curve in gaining billable samples; and yet, Trovagene market cap is still 5.25 times larger than Biocept.  Thus, I’m betting that eventually the market will see the truth and investment money will flow back to Biocept as the year progresses.


This week up bar further confirms the possible bottoming formation for Biocept which will then form the foundation for the long-term climbing of the stock price.  I’ve also added to the position after the earning update to take advantage of the profit-taking drop.

$DMRC closed the weekly slightly higher but it also closed the week with a spinning top next to major support in the mid-$26ish.


As far as I’m concerned, a spinning top is a variation of the doji bar so I’m expecting a bounce from here to head higher next week.  I’ve also begun to add back some shares I sold last times at price in the $26ish.

I believe the support of GS1-US for the Digimarc barcode has acted as a “confident” boost to the current investors so that no one is selling due to the short-sellers walk-down.  And the mid-$26ish is where investors are looking to buy or add when price get there.  I’m betting that we may hear an announcement of a big-box retailer coming on board sometimes in 2016.

$IBIO gained back what was lost last week.  In other words, it is holding well waiting for news.


From the weekly chart above, price is bouncing off the recent uptrend line.

$GWPH, while down for the week, is beginning to show sign of wearisome in the bear.  I believe the result of one of the Ph3 trial will be released soon and it will be the make-or-break moment for this company.  A success will definitely open door for future R&D for other diseases and ailment that cannabis may help fight. Since I’m in, I’m betting the trial will be a success.


Notice from the weekly chart above, there are now another spinning top bar directly above the support at low $37.xx.  A positive trial result will ignite the excitement for this stock once again and this time, IMHO, price may soar much higher than before.

$RBYCF surprised me with a one-day gigantic rally that literally bring my position back to profit territory.  While I was having big dream about the  recent gold rally to drive price much higher, I caught myself looking at the follow-up action after the giant rally.  Price could not move higher and was beginning to bounce in-and-out of 10 cents.  So, I told myself, “Take the money now or bet on more rally ahead?”  The sudden fear of price dropping back to $0.02 territory got my trigger-finger going and I dumped the entire position in the morning. I also thanked the Stock God for giving me an out.  Since I did not sell at the high of the rally day, I incurred a small losses which is much much better than the 80% loss I was sitting on not too long ago.


Look at that beautiful big green bar! The following red bar doesn’t look so good…  Hey, I’m out what do I care?

So far, I think the future looks bright here…

My 2 cents.

From my camera:






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