Weekly thought on $DMRC, $ARTH, $IBIO, $BIOC, $RBY

I got a feeling that the “shock & awe” bear attack at the start of 2016 is coming to an end.  The bear momentum has run its course and a bounce may be imminent.  The weekly chart below shows a hammer look-a-like bar reflecting the strong conviction of the bull fighting its way back to close at the upper-end of the weekly price action after bouncing off the support from October of last year.  A bounce from here will confirm this week bar as the possible bottom-formation bar.


Look at that long tail below in the weekly bar with the stochastic bottoming out as well.

$DMRC corrected a bit after last week strong up bar.


Despite a down weekly bar, the overall uptrend is still solid.  There is really nothing to do but to wait for more retailers to come on board.  The 2016 NRF show has set the stage for more retailers to sign up and I’m betting we will hear more news soon.

$ARTH also shows sign of bottoming.


Support at $0.18 is holding well. There is an update on the investors’ presentation (click here to see).  There is something new in the presentation I’m excited about and below is the page that contain the new information:

ARTH Pipeline

Pressure ulcers is difficult to take care of in the hospital and infection could easily make it worse.  AC5 could replace bandage and provide better protection from infection.  As someone mentioned, this is a “low-hanging” fruit to kick off the use of AC5.  The success of AC5 is going to open door for many type of uses.  This is a baby ready to grow by leaps and bounds.

$IBIO bounced this week and it is a good sign.


There is nothing to do but wait for the news on the development of fibrosis treatment.  Kenneth Dart involvement in iBIO pretty much established a solid financial foundation to kick off 2016.

$BIOC is also a waiting game.  Price is still consolidating at the 1.3x range.


There are strong support at the $1.26 level and the risk of prostate “tissue” biopsy is the reason why liquid biopsy is the future of cancer diagnostic tool.  I’m betting Biocept will be one of the top cancer test to come out ahead.

$RBY is now a “miracle” play.  The bet is lost but there may still be a “wild card” for it to come back to life.  We will see.

My 2 cents

From my camera (click on photo to see image at 100%):



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