Tuesday thought on $DMRC, $IBIO, $BIOC, $RBY, $ARTH

The bear isn’t making it easy for the bull to gain back traction.  Today rally frizzled out ’cause the bear was sitting on the balloon.  In the after-hour market, the SP500 is now down 28 points.  Not a pretty sight.

$DMRC emerged out of the NRF weekend with a correction probably because there is no Walmart in the Digimarc booth.  Nevertheless, this year NRF event pretty much reflected the intention and commitment of the retail industry to support the use of Digimarc barcode format.  Looking back to the NRF shows for the last three years, Digimarc invisible watermark for barcode has grown from an “interesting” technology to one where all scanner companies and numerous retail servicing companies included the technology to read/support the Digimarc barcode.

Recent articles discussing the NRF show also covered Digimarc:


Excerpt: (Digimarc is selected as one of the three technologies to watch)

Three technologies to watch

Although there were a broad range of companies and technologies on show, three caught our attention.

Great for in-store efficiency: a digimarc barcode is an imperceptible pattern that can be embedded into the images and graphics of a product’s packaging, and is only visible to mobile devices, POS scanners and other scanners. This is repeated across the packaging meaning that store colleagues and shoppers using self-scan checkouts do not need to orientate the product to the reader, improving front-end speed. This made our Innovation of the Week.

Supermarket Of The Future May Be Here Sooner Than You Think


There’s new technology aimed at making the supermarket experience easier and faster — and it’s being shown off this week at the National Retail Federation’s convention in New York City. If you’ve ever had to play ‘where’s the barcode’ or tried to flatten out a crinkled UPC code that just won’t scan, Digimarc has the solution: a pattern embedded all over the product packaging that you can’t see, but scanners recognize instantly.

‘Invisible’ Bar Code Can Be Printed All Over


Digimarc displayed its Digimarc Barcode technology, a bar code invisible to the naked eye, at the National Retail Federation show, one week after concluding an agreement with GS1 to speed adoption.

While these are not ground-breaking news article, they are nevertheless a recognition of the importance of this ground-breaking technology from Digimarc.

While tempting to “time” the $DMRC trade, I’ve decided long ago that I’m going to just hold my position and ride thru the volatility.  I want to be the guy who after ignoring $DMRC for many months only to come back and see price soars to the new level; only this time, I’m riding the position instead of kicking myself for not being in for selling too soon.

Daytraders, short-term traders. and short-sellers are going to do their things and price will be bouncing around; but with more news streaming in on adoption, the trend can only be up and up in the long run.

$IBIO.  The latest news is the joint venture with affiliates of Eastern Capital Limited to develop and manufacture plant-made pharmaceuticals.  This news practically make this position very easy for me to hold.   In a way, value-based investor Kenneth B. Dart, owner of Eastern Capital Limited, has added tremendous intrinsic value to iBIO.

$BIOC is still suffering along with many other biotech companies.  There is really nothing to do but to wait out the hard times for now.  However, over the weekend, I heard someone mentioned someone got infection from a prostate biopsy and almost died from it.  So, I googled “prostrate biopsy infection” and found the following article:

Severe Infections After Prostate Biopsy on the Rise


However, the risk for hospitalization after prostate biopsy was twice as high in 2011 as it was in 2006 (OR, 2.14). The investigators believe this increase is a reflection of the increasing resistance of Enterobacteriaceae species, a common cause of UTI in Sweden and elsewhere.

So, don’t you agree that in the long run, liquid biopsy will be the preferred method over tissue biopsy? Yeap, I’m in total agreement. There is nothing to do but wait here.

$RBY.  This one is pretty much a goner but since I  already lost a large percentage of this smaller position, I’m willing to bet my remaining balance for the slim chance that management somehow pulls a rabbit out of the hat.   But rest assure I’m not going to hold my breath for it.

$ARTH is all about the human trial now.  Patiently waiting.

My 2 cents.

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