Quick thought on $IBIO

Today SP500 bounce is a good sign.  Any bounce here is always a good sign ’cause it shows the bear is losing momentum.

This week so far has shown to be very “informative” for my positions giving numerous news supporting a strong fundamental developments.

$DMRC is on fire with strong fundamental news on partnership support heading toward the 2016 NRF Big Retail Show this weekend.  Then we have Blue Cross- Illinois accepting $BIOC‘s diagnostic cancer tests for reimbursement plan.  Today, $IBIO announced the formation of a joint venture with affiliates of Eastern Capital Limited to develop and manufacture plant-made pharmaceuticals.

Below is an excerpt that highlighted the importance of today announcement:

“We expect these transactions to be transformative for iBio,” said iBio Chairman, Robert B. Kay. “They give us control over a beautifully engineered, fully-equipped, large-scale facility to implement iBio’s proprietary plant-made biopharmaceutical development and manufacturing technologies. They also provide substantial capital to both iBio and iBio CMO to support progress of iBio’s fibrosis products into human clinical trials, and enable us to offer the rapidly expanding and underserved biologics development market contract manufacturing, using the superior attributes of our proprietary, plant-based technologies”

What is more remarkable is that today news confirmed the involvement of Kenneth B. Dart whose name was mentioned in the promotional interview.

From the news:

“Eastern Capital Limited is beneficially owned by value-based investor Kenneth B. Dart. Mr. Dart was previously president of Dart Container Corporation, a family-owned manufacturing company.”

For those who don’t know who Kenneth B. Dart is, here is the Wikipedia link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kenneth_Dart

Kenneth B. Dart (born 1955) is a United States-born Caymanian-Belizean-Irish businessman and billionaire.[1] His wealth was estimated in 2013 at $6.6 billion.[2]He is an heir of William F. Dart, who founded the Dart Container Corporation (originally the Dart Manufacturing Company) in Michigan in 1937.

My 2 cents is that iBIO can’t go wrong with a heavy-weighted supporter. I believe the fibrosis treatment therapy is going to make history soon.

Now, the only stock in my port that doesn’t have news yet is $ARTH.  I’ll be waiting for the coming update on its human trial.  Of course, $RBY had news but it was negative.  I think the negative news on $RBY is necessary to balance out the good news.  And it is a good thing that my position size on $RBY is quite small compared to my other positions.

Current holdings: $DMRC, $ARTH, $IBIO, $BIOC, $RBY

My 2 cents.

From my camera (click on photo to see image at 100%):

The golden rose


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