Wednesday thought on $DMRC, $IBIO, $BIOC, $RBY, $ARTH

There are two ways to look at this “dumping” at the gate of 2016.  1st, get the bad karma out of the way so the bull can restart its engine to rally later to support the Presidential election.  2nd, the market is topping and the only way to go is down.  I like the 1st way better.  While the 2nd way is obviously popular among those who have been warning about the impending bear market for the last three or so years.

The way I look at this, there are simply too much money floating in the market place.  Unlike the early 1900s, population has increased exponentially.  That mean the market has to “feed” the expanded population without fail.  But the market is also a collaboration of human emotions.  Fear and greed are being reflected in the SP500 every trading day.  The thing about human emotion is that we always find our way back to the center.  And the money will flow again.  So, no, I’m not worried about the current hiccup that is happening now.  Once the emotions settle down, the rally continues…

$DMRC went down along with everyone else.  The short-sellers are relieved to see temporary sunshine.  But this is a “marketwide” correction, not company specific; thus, positive fundamental development in the adoption of Digimarc barcode has the potential to cause powerful snap back to the upside when the general market come back to the center.  January 17 is around the corner and we will soon find out the “who is who” at the Digimarc booth.

$IBIO is a waiting time bomb that is going to blow all the naysayers and short-sellers to the sky.  I’m betting that it is going to make history with its fibrosis treatment.  Time will tell.  Just sit and wait.

$BIOC is going to rule the liquid biopsy world.  Of course, it is too early to tell and that is why current price is low.  Wait for the bell to ring.  And when it rings, you can only wonder why you didn’t buy any at current ridiculously low price.

$RBY is going to make me a lot of gold coins.  A WAY oversold stock thanks to all the emotions swinging in one direction.  When Rubicon goes back to digging out the gold nuggets, this baby will grow to be a teenager in record time when gold price soars once again.

$ARTH is going to rule the surgery room with its hemostatic device.  Human trial is happening and we will soon find out if it works as well as it had done so with animals.  My bet is that it will.  End of story.

So here I sit with my five buddies mentioned above trying to make some serious money in 2016.  Let’s see if the dices roll back in my favor.

My 2 cents.

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