Weekly thought on $DMRC, $IBIO, $BIOC, $RBY, $AKAO, $ARTH

Well there you have it, 2015 closed slightly below 2014 close.  And 2015 was the first year the market closed lower since 2009.  From the yearly Dow Jones Industrials chart below, 2015 red spinning-top bar might be sign that the bull is running out of steam.

DJ-30 yearly

However, it could as well be the “correction” the bull market needed before continuing onward.

Correction?  What correction?

Did you see that the low of 2015 took out the low of 2014?  That was the correction!

OK, let’s rock & roll in 2016.  Giving 2016 being a presidential election year, the probability of a rally is higher.  But after-hour trading on the SP500 painted a gloomy picture to start off 2016 with 18 points on the downside.

$DMRC gave back a little gain from last week which is a healthy correction.  With two more weeks to the January Big Retail Show, I’m looking for continuing rally due to positive expectation or positive news before the show.  What happen after January 17th will depend on who shows up in the Digimarc booth.


If the resistance at $40 is taken out, expect a run to the $50 area.

$IBIO corrected in its final week for 2015 probably due to last minutes tax loss selling.


This is definitely a 2016 stock.  I expect to hear more about the fibrosis treatment news coming from iBIO and price will slowly reflect the reality of events as they developed thru out the year.

$BIOC also dropped in its final week.BIOC_weekly

2016 may be the year Biocept surprises everyone.  Mind you, I’m betting on the upside surprise.

$RBY ended the week neutral which further support the formation of a base for the bounce.


I predict a slow climb back to the dollarland in 2016 due to the simple reason that this stock is way oversold per my perspective.

$AKAO also closed lower in its final week.


Not much to say about this one since I only have a tiny position.  I may just sell it this year to clear it out of my portfolio.

$ARTH also closed lower for the week.  And it just dawn on me that all my biotech stocks were down for the week.


With human trial commencing this year with result coming out probably after the 1st quarter, there is a lot to look forward for this gem.

My port was down 24% for 2015 thanks to $LRAD not getting the Middle East mass notification sales and to Shkreli for throwing a wrench into the biotech momentum machine which caused a political backlash and a quick and dirty biotech correction.  With LRAD being my largest position at the time, I suffered a setback that caused me to give back a chunk of hard-earned gain.  The quick and dirty biotech correction also costed me with $AMRN, $ONCY, and $BIOC.

Such is the nature of “swing for the fence” style of trading that I found myself evolved into.  Nevertheless, without using margin/leverage, I’ve the ability to hold on to my current position thru the ups and downs.  If I’m correct in the “what” of the fundamental story of my stocks, current setback is only a temporary situation.

Let’s see what 2016 hold in store for me.  However, I’m expecting a stellar year for my port.

Wish you all who read my blog a prosperous 2016!

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