Weekly thought on $DMRC, $IBIO, $BIOC, $RBY, $AKAO, $ARTH

The bull did it!  It was able to close slightly higher than 2014 closing price to finish the short trading week.


Price is now trading above the weekly 79 & 89 MA support lines.  Now, the real question is “can the bull sustain this rally in next four trading days to close the year with a new high?  Or will it be spending the next four days defending the 2014 closing price support?  My bet is that the bull has enough for another green bar to stay above 2014 closing price but not enough to make new high in the next four trading days.  But strange things happen to the stock market all the times, perhaps we may still see a new high next week.

$DMRC rallied hard to resume the uptrend momentum.


Price is now at the resistance from Oct 23rd high @ $38.75.  As we come closer to the 2016 January Big Retail Show, all eyes are on “who is who” in the Digimarc booth which happened to be the largest booth (30×30) in the floor area for Booth 100-1299.  A big name retailer(s) sharing the booth with Digimarc will surely make the day for $DMRC.  It may even be the tipping point for widespread adoption.

I’m seeing a higher speed of adoption compared to the original UPC barcode once the tipping point is reached simply because the conventional UPC barcode has already established a foundation in the infrastructural setup.  A “yes” to adoption means paying $50 for the annual fee and add another layer of “invisible watermark” to the already existing art-work/box design using software from Digimarc.

Full adoption will take years but we all know that Digimarc revenues will be on the growth path once adoption is confirmed.

$IBIO formed a second weekly green bar to support the possibility of a bottom formation.


The weekly 5MA is now pointing upward ready to cross over the 15 MA line.  Fundamentally speaking, this is a fibrosis treatment play through and through from my perspective.  If it goes up for other reason, I’ll be happy to take it ’cause I’m also a believer in iBIO’s planted-based vaccine manufacturing process which is more efficient and economical than conventional vaccine production.

With increasing population, potential wide-spread breakout of known or unknown pathogens are always waiting on the horizon.  Sooner or later, countries around the world will begin to see the light and start following Brazil’s footstep in building their own planted based vaccine manufacturing facilities.

So, I’m betting that iBIO is a sleeping giant waiting for its time to wake up.  As the old timers used to say, buy when nobody wants it “yet”.

$BIOC, like iBIO, also finished the week with a second weekly up bar.


With the Stochastics momentum indicator turning up from the bottom, the likelihood of a continuing bounce is high.  Fundamentally speaking, what more can I say?  Liquid biopsy is the future of cancer care and I’m simply betting on Biocept which I believe has a higher chance of being on top of the competitors due to its patented IP technologies.  Right now, my guess is that they are filing all possible patents to protect their IP around the world before making big announcement.  Eventually, once they formed a core loyal users from doctors and hospitals, BP(s) will make an offer for a BO.  This is my vision of Biocept.

$RBY made a spectacular recovery from last end-of-week after-hour 21.8 million shares dump to four cents.  Like I said, I wasn’t surprised for this week bounce simply because there is only so much downside you can push a stock whose intrinsic value is way more valuable than its current market cap.  Anyone without prejudice against Rubicon is seeing opportunity for the taking.  If I haven’t already bought $RBY, I would buy last week.


If gold price recovers from here, Rubicon will surely follow despite current temporary condition with its mining issue.  I’m betting that all mining issues, sooner or later, will be resolved by Rubicon.  Despite criticism and skepticism from armchair quarterbacks, it is my belief that all mining companies have mining issues and it is in their profession to find solution to these issues.   I’m betting that Rubicon is no exception; they will find a solution to their problem eventually.

$AKAO formed a strong green bar this short week.


While looking good on the chart for a possible bottom formation, it is still a binary event on its Phase III result from its drug candidate Plazomicin.  Admittedly, I was pretty bullish on the get go with this stock but somehow lost my nerve amidst the severe biotech correction back in September due to the political storm sparked by Shkreli’s notorious price hike of Daraprim from $13.50 to $750 per pill.  I realized I was over-weighted on biotech stocks so I chose $AKAO to lighten up.

Nevertheless, my personal feeling and small bet on $AKAO have zero bearing on Plazomicin.  There is a possibility of my missing the boat on this one.

$ARTH gave back some this week but it is still within the range of the weekly  79 MA support.


Fundamentally speaking, I’m waiting for the commencement of the human trial which Arch received European approval to begin.  Yeap, another quarter or two of waiting… I’m holding long and strong on this one as well.

It was also a good week for my port as well.  So far, I’m still bullish on all my positions.  The only thing I have to do is to sit on my hands and wait.

My 2 cents.






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