Tuesday thought on $DMRC, $BIOC

Here we go again.  Two days of gain so far.  Will the market gets to keep the gain this week?   I certainly hope so if 2015 is to close higher than 2014, we still have about two weeks for the rally to play catch up.


As you can see, the yellow line is the last year close and market is currently still below it.  However, giving the close distance, two weeks should be enough time for the bull to cross over that yellow line.  Come on bull, let’s close the year in a higher note.

$DMRC started off the week with two up days.  Yay!  Now, it is at the resistance point at $36.00.


As we get closer to the January Big Retail Show starting on the 17th, we will find out who is sharing the big booth with Digimarc.  Will it be Walmart?  Let’s say I wouldn’t be surprised if it is.  Clues have been scattered around over the year…

  • the famous instagram from Walmart CEO (June 23, 2015)
    • DMRC_Walmart instagram
  • Walmart lets the barcode disappear (Aug 19, 2015)
    • “It sounds like magic, but it’s technology. The black and white barcode that is printed on billions of consumer packaged goods, can be replaced by an invisible code: the “Digimarc Barcode” from the U.S. firm Digimarc. Walmart CEO Doug McMillon says it has the potential to fundamentally change the checkout process.”
  • Robots Won’t Rule the Checkout Lane (AUG 10, 2015)
    • “in a June poll, half of U.S. adults picked slow checkout speeds and long lines as the most frustrating thing about shopping in brick-and-mortar stores. A whopping 88 percent would like checkout to be faster, the Harris poll for Digimarc Corp. found. Americans hate to wait to buy stuff, and expanding self-scanners seems like an obvious way to speed up cash register lines.”
  • Scanbuy App To Integrate Digimarc Barcode Detection (Oct 13, 2015)
    • “The new agreement also gives participating brands and retailers access to the ScanLife Mobile Engagement Platform, providing unprecedented capabilities for creating, managing and tracking the consumer experiences and interactions activated by Digimarc Barcodes.
    • The Scanbuy Mobile Engagement Platform, an enterprise-class platform used today by some of the largest global brands and retailers, enables customers to deliver smarter, richer and more relevant mobile experiences. By supporting Digimarc Barcodes, Scanbuy’s unique and powerful platform provides an even greater value proposition for brands and retailers in search for more meaningful and direct interactions with their consumers.”
  • How brands can win with mobile (OCTOBER 13, 2015)
    • The ability to point or wave a mobile device in the proximity of a product and access the collective knowledge of the universe is becoming the norm for consumers. Faced with satisfying such mind-bending expectations, brands and retailers are scrambling for solutions.
    • The most recently example of how far and fast the retail world and marketing of consumer packaged goods has come involves a partnership between the maker of one of the most popular consumer engagement apps and a company that is changing the way products are scanned. Scanbuy, maker of the ScanLife mobile app used by millions of consumers said it would integrate into its app the ability to scan Digimarc barcodes, thus providing an even greater value proposition for brands and retailers looking for meaningful and direct interactions with consumers. The deal is noteworthy because Digimarc barcodes are not barcodes in the traditional sense of the word. The company uses imperceptible watermarks integrated into the package design to turn the product itself into one large barcode.”
  • Shoppers Want More Product Info, Mobile Access to Research: Poll (October 13, 2015)
    • “Smartphones are ubiquitous among consumers because they’ve become an indispensable tool for everyday tasks, including shopping,” said Logan. “The latest generation of shoppers, having grown up in a mobile world, expect more information and want it to be at their fingertips at all times. But expecting shoppers to type in web addresses or do keyword searches while in the store is inefficient and can actually lead them to the competition.”
    • The company’s Digimarc Barcode – imperceptible to the eye, but scannable by a mobile device – is designed to take shoppers instantly to a brand’s mobile web content.”
  • Digimarc Adds Global Brand Deployment Provider, Schawk, As Channel Partner, Facilitating Adoption of Digimarc Barcode by Consumer Brands (December 9, 2015)
    • “With more than 60 years of experience advising many of the world’s leading brands on marketing services supply chain efficiencies, Schawk seeks out innovative opportunities to help their clients strategically address growing consumer and market trends to help drive brand performance. The company protects brand assets worldwide by producing superior quality assets to ensure consistency across media channels. Digimarc Barcode gives brands unique opportunities to succeed in the store by directing consumers back to retailer and brand-owned sites and providing additional product information, a growing expectation of customers tethered to their smartphones while browsing store shelves.”
  • Rockfish Integrates Digimarc Software for Faster Mobile Product Scanning, Greater Inventory Insight for Walmart Suppliers (December 10, 2015)
    • Our customers seek any advantage to enable a more efficient supply chain, and as Digimarc Barcodes increasingly find their way into more retail stores and onto more product packaging, it only made sense for us to integrate detection into the SPARC app,” Akins said. “The fact that Digimarc’s SDK also provides a fantastic 1D barcode scanner made it an easy decision. Walmart suppliers will find the app easier to use right out of the gate with productivity only going up from there.”
    • The partnership between Rockfish and Digimarc benefits thousands of consumer brands that rely on the app to ensure peak product availability.

$BIOC finally got the news to shut the naysayers up about the”low cash” and “massive dilution” fears.  Due to short-sellers’ pounding these messages over their megaphones, were you surprised the retail investors dumped their shares and take the tax losses write-off instead of waiting?  Well, they ain’t fooling me here.  Today news “Biocept Announces $15 Million Common Stock Purchase Agreement with Aspire Capital Fund” is a fresh breath of air ’cause there is no massive dilution alluded by the short-sellers.  Instead, “Biocept, at its sole discretion, will have the right to sell common stock to Aspire over a 30-month period at prices based on prevailing market prices at the time of each sale. By controlling the timing of each sale, Biocept may efficiently raise capital to advance its operations while effectively minimizing the dilution of its existing shareholders”


I believe Biocept has formed a bottom and any updated news on their latest cancer tests such as prostate or PDL-1 will likely drive the stock higher.

So far so good!

Although I only covered two stocks today, I’m still holding strong on $DMRC, $ARTH, $IBIO, $BIOC, $RBY, $AKAO

My 2 cents


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