Weekly thought on $DMRC, $IBIO, $BIOC, $RBY, $AKAO, $ARTH

What a disappointing week.  Market spiked up the first three days but gave it all back in the last two days to close the week down.


Fortunately, there is still the weekly 89 MA support below that is still a strong support giving the 89 MA is still on an up incline direction.  Although after-hour SP500 is up about 7 plus some points right now, last week price gyration taught us after-hour movement are not reliable indicator of next day momentum.

$DMRC, although down slightly for the week, is still above the weekly 79 & 89 MA supports.  Furthermore, the weekly 5MA intersected with the 15 MA from below and is about to cross-over to the upside.  This 5MA and 15MA intersection point also happened to be the same intersection point b/w the downtrend line and recent short-term uptrend line.  A double intersections could mean strong support here.DMRC_weekly

Giving four weeks of strong upward momentum and the recent three weeks of tepid corrections, I say $DMRC is about to kick off the next leg up.  Fundamentally speaking, all I can say is that recent updating infrastructural news all support the case of adoption by the big retailers.  There are simply too many positive impacts to be gained from adoption.  So I won’t be surprised if Digimarc’s booth at the January Big Retail show presents other big retailers besides Wegmans.  Still holding long and strong.

$IBIO bounced nicely with a green weekly bar to stop the downward momentum.


It also shows that the $0.53 support is still very strong.  Fundamentally speaking, I’m in this stock for the fibrosis treatment angle.  A success with IBIO-CFB03 will change this company into an instant megastar overnight.  So, I just need to be patient.

$BIOC also bounced some this week.  At least, like iBIO, the downward momentum has stopped.


With the momentum indicator beginning to turn up from the bottom, there is a good odd of further bounce coming.  Fundamentally speaking, it is my 2 cents that Biocept has the best platform and science for the liquid biopsy.  Recent update on patents approval is a stepping stone for Biocept to protect its IP outside the U.S. soil.  Once the dust is settled among all other liquid biopsy competitors, I’m betting that Biocept will be the remaining few who will stay to dominate this market.  Thus, I’m still holding long and strong.  Of course, the short-sellers will continue to nay-say this stock to dead; but I’m choosing to ignore their BS.

$RBY  The big elephant in this one is the after-hour sales of a whopping 21.8 millions shares that dropped the price down to an incredible 4 cent.  Giving the amount of shares in one trade, this must be a dump from one institutional fund.  All I can say is “Who is the lucky guy that bought it at 4 cents?”  Since I don’t have a lot of money riding on this one; I’m going to see this one to the end.  Sure, a lot of “I told you so” messages were slamming this one at the Yahoo message board; but I’m going to ignore them and see if Rubicon can pull a rabbit out of this one.  Remember, Yahoo message boards are full of armchair quarterbacks banging their fists on their chests.  Interesting thing is that all hindsighted landslides tended to bring out a lot of naysayers cheering for the drop and this type of songs and dances also happened to big stocks such as $FB, $AMZN, $NFLX, etc.  Eventually, they all bounced back.  Will it happen to $RBY?  This is my money on the bet so I say, “why not?” Without a doubt, Friday after-hour sales took this one to a new low; so there is no point in pulling up a chart.  It’s simply ugly.  However, I won’t be surprised if there is a bounce tomorrow from 4 cents.

$AKAO gave back last week gain.  This one remained a gamble bet on my end since I’ve only a small position (smaller than $RBY).  Despite $RBY sell-off, I see $AKAO as a higher risk stock due to the binary event on its drug- plazomici.  Does it work?  If no, the game is over.  At least, $RBY is sitting on land with gold nuggets underneath.


Price is now teetering around support at $5.30.

$ARTH bounced some more thanks to its announcement of an approval to commence on its human trial.  While the bounce was not as high as expected, the news does put a stop to the landslide due to uncertainty.


This week bounce allowed price to close above the 79 MA support.  Next resistance is the 89 weekly MA above.  Regardless of its technical standing the chart, I’m holding long and strong waiting for result of the human trial.

My 2 cents

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