Weekly thought on $DMRC, $IBIO, $BIOC, $RBY, $AKAO, $ARTH

It was a week of jitters before the interest rate increase.  After almost a decade of ultra-low interest rate, a small bandage is about to be pulled off to see if the wound has healed.  So, it is expected that nervousness is going all around.  What we’ve here is a big down red weekly bar which reversed the gain achieved four weeks ago.  Nevertheless, the weekly 79 & 89 MA supports are strong supports here and we may see a bounce after the interest rate is announced next week.


Notice that the 79 & 89 are still on an inclined angle pointing up.  So far so good.

$DMRC, while slightly down with another spinning top bar, was actually holding well giving the much larger general market drop.  Digimarc closed the week with two new updates on their infrastructure build-up:

Per news, “Schawk, part of the SGK Brand Solutions group of Matthews International Corporation (MATW), and a trusted advisor in the deployment of brands worldwide has become a certified provider of Digimarc® Barcode. The alliance provides an opportunity for brands to enhance the consumer shopping experience by improving ease and speed of scanning at checkout, creating valuable mobile engagement options in aisle and at home, and laying the foundation for numerous other valuable applications in brand management, manufacturing and logistics.”

Meanwhile, Digimarc also “announced that its software is now included in a powerful mobile app developed by Rockfish that gives Walmart suppliers instant access to inventory information via their smartphones.”

What we have here is an infrastructure build-up that expanded to international arena as well as into the suppliers’ network.

With the January 2016 Big Retail Show coming soon, I believe it is time to review the latest Digimarc’s investor presentation:

Below are come clips (click here to view the full presentation):



While we can’t see it yet, but I believe Digimarc solution is one of the core technologies that is going to assist the retail industry to close the gap b/w online and in-stores shopping. Giving the benefits that cover the entire retail channels from packaging, inventory management, retail shelves stocking, to consumer engagement, my 2 cents is that the adoption of the Digimarc barcode is imminent.  Hence, my largest position in my port for the ultimate bet.

$IBIO dropped some more this week.  With the Dec 1st IND submission for fibrosis treatment being pushed back to 2016, it is understandable that price is subjected to selling pressure.


Support at $0.53 is still holding for now.  Since I trust management to pursue its  IBIO-CFB03 fibrosis treatment in the best possible direction, I don’t mind waiting.  Price gyration is not my concern here, the short-sellers can do whatever they want, I’m holding the shares for the eventual pop on good news.

$BIOC continued to be pushed down by short-sellers and tax losses selling.


This is one stock that I believe will give the short-sellers the kind of headache the $KBIO short-sellers had.  A surprise BO might do the trick here.  Go ahead, short-sellers, laugh it off to your own peril.

$RBY dropped some more in light volume.  Yeap, more tax losses selling.


With price severely oversold, I just don’t see how much lower it can get. Since I can never buy the bottom, I’m going to have to sit thru more volatility before it returns to dollar level.

$AKAO continued to be stuck in the mid-$5 range waiting for the top-line result on its plazomicin drug to combat superbug.


Will it succeed?  I’ve a small bet on the table on this one.  Win or loss?  It sure beats being in the casino breathing all the cigarettes smoke.

$ARTH formed a small spinning top weekly bar after last week green up bar.  In light of the small drop in light volume, I still see the potential for a bigger bounce coming when human trial is announced b/w now and end-of-the-year.


Yeap, I’m holding this thru the human trial. From what I read, the CEO Dr. Norchi of Arch Therapeutics invested $12 million of his own money to take Arch’s AC5 to the market.  For someone who put $12 million of his money into a venture, Dr. Norchi must expect this venture to bring back many times over.  After all, anyone can simply live a relaxing live with $12 million in the bank account.  This go to show how highly motivated is Arch’s CEO.  Basically, I’ve speculated in Arch because I trust Dr. Norchi to  make it happen with Arch’s AC5.  Besides technology, it is my opinion that the people bringing the technology into the market place is also very important.  This is the same reason why I bought iBio.  I trust Dr. Carol Feghali- Bostwick in her discovery of a possible solution to reverse fibrosis.

My 2 cents.

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