Weekly thought on $DMRC, $IBIO, $BIOC, $RBY, $AKAO, $ARTH

This week was quite volatile and the bear “almost” got away with it; but the bull fought back hard on Friday and the week ended slightly higher.


The long tail at the bottom signified the power of the bull’s resolve.  We might see a new high before the year is out.

$DMRC ended the week with a spinning top bar.  While slightly lower for the week, my take is that this spinning top bar is a “pause” before the next leg up simply ’cause the momentum indicators below are turning up.  Not to mention the January 2016 Big Retail Show is just around the corner.


Price looks like it is ready to move higher next week.

$IBIO gave back some gain from last week probably due to the delay of iBIO filing the IND for the fibrosis treatment which was originally targeted for December 1st.  Now, it is going to be sometimes next year.  Nevertheless, they’ve a good reason for the delay and it is to cover all bases before moving forward.  Click Here for additional info that highlighted the reasons for the delay.


Despite a down week, I’m still holding.  Although I sold a small portion of my holding to release fund to buy $RBY, it is still my 2nd largest position after $DMRC in the main port (not counting my trading account).

$BIOC had another down week due to lack of news coming.


Support at $1.68 is still holding.  Once news of Blue Cross nationwide coverage and the release of Prostate cancer test are available, I bet price will jump higher then.

$AKAO formed a small spinning top weekly bar waiting for top line result from its Phase III plazomicin trial.


It doesn’t matter what the chart says now; it’s all about the top line result which will be released anytime now.

$RBY– new position


I picked Rubicon Minerals Corp for a potential 10-bagger return.  I believe the stock is way oversold due to issue with the Phoenix Gold Project which is suspended.  My take is that Rubicon is still sitting on a huge gold reserve underneath their land and their intrinsic value worth a lot more than current market cap of $45 million.  Since price is at ridiculous low level, I’ve to buy some for a bottom-picking play when gold price is now starting to rally from here.  I peeled off a little $IBIO to do this trade. In summary, I see $RBY as a low risk trade with more bang for the buck due to its low price.

$ARTH recovered nicely this week.


With a high volume bounce week, the likelihood of a continuing climb from here is very high.  Arch Therapeutics confirmed on their LD Micro Main Event that their human trial will remain on schedule to start in 4th quarter which pretty much any time this month.  Once human trial starts, watch out for this stock, you won’t be able to buy them cheap anymore.

Btw, since my trading style has evolved into long-term buy and hold, I may not be posting daily.  If there are significant fundamental news or price movement, I’ll share my thoughts.

Current holdings:

Main port: DMRC, IBIO, BIOC, RBY, AKAO  Trading port: ARTH

My three largest position: DMRC ARTH, IBIO

My 2 cents

From my camera (click on photo to see image at 100%)

red rose


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