Tuesday thought on $DMRC, $IBIO, $BIOC, $AKAO, $ARTH

Well, the bear did try to take the ball but fumbled anyway.  The bull did a good job stealing the ball back and closed the day slightly green.


I believe the bull is ready to take out the resistance above.  Come on, one more month to go to make new high before the year is over.

$DMRC took a break after two strong days of breakout momentum.  Nothing can go straight up.


Good news is that price bounced off the 89 MA support.  I was rereading the recent quarter earnings transcript and came upon this important piece of valuable information:

“The study also just what they call hard benefits of barcodes defined as measurable cost reduction in areas such and checkout and price marking labor, checkout losses and bookkeeping. These are some sort benefits to refer gains in areas such as inventory management shrink control sales lift and improved warehouse operation.

They found there that not only where the crossover estimated but the benefits were drastically underestimated. Essential net benefits from 1997 amounted to six times the original projection expressed as a percentage of barcode enabled sales.”

Source: Digimarc’s (DMRC) CEO Bruce Davison Q3 2015Results – Earnings Call Transcript

What I think this means is that in real life retail experience, they underestimated the real benefits the Digimarc barcode has to offer. Hard benefits to areas such “as inventory management shrink control sales lift and improved warehouse operation.”  This is huge!

Come on now, how can big retailers say no to all these underestimated benefits?

My money is on the “yes” to adoption by the big retailers.  It’s an easy bet giving all the available information and feedback.  Somehow, the short-sellers ain’t seeing the same thing ’cause they are too busy looking at the rear mirror.

$IBIO spiked up today probably due to the bird flu news: Hong Kong reports bird flu in wild bird, no spread evident: OIE.

Although I bought iBIO for their IBIO-CFB03 to treat fibrotic diseases, it will be ironic that I end up making the big money from fear of pandemic disease.  The fact that iBIO will go up due to fear of pandemic diseases mean that the public view iBIO as a viable vaccine solution.  In reality, iBio planted based vaccine production technology is best suited for situation which required faster vaccine production.


That is a nice bounce there.  Look almost like a rocket blasting off the launching pad.

Meanwhile, $BIOC and $AKAO gave back little ground while $ARTH stayed steady.

My 2 cents

From my camera (click on photo to see image at 100%)



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