Weekly thought on $DMRC, $IBIO, $BIOC, $AKAO, $ARTH

The bull won another week. But it bounced off the resistance downtrend line.  This is a usual case of testing the resistance before actually gunning for it.  Much energy is spent to maintain the momentum for the last six weeks.  Now, the market needs to take a break before attacking the resistance line for real.


While there are many expecting a big fall off, I’m seeing a rally that wouldn’t stop until it makes new high one more time before year-end.  Just my rolling 2 cents.

Digimarc Corporation ($DMRC)

Digimarc bounced off the long-term uptrend line as expected.  There are simply too much upside to this company that I think the short-sellers have gotten this one wrong, very wrong.  Imagine a band of bandits searching for new towns with a start-up local economy that was vulnerable to sudden commercial disruption.  These bandits would swoop into the town and destroyed everything along its path in order to scare the wit out of local merchants. The intent was to drive the merchants out of town so they could buy the local properties as dirt cheap price.  While enjoying successes on some towns that over-extended themselves, the bandits came upon a town that simply wouldn’t give.

Despite destruction, local merchants busied turning over all rocks looking for funds to buy more properties at cheap price thanks to the bandits’ incursion. The dumbfounded bandits decided to drop one big mother-of-all destruction to send a clearer message to the stubborn merchants.


The destruction was obvious and properties value dropped even more.  YET, local merchants came back to buy even more properties.  Furthermore, visiting merchants also took to buying as much properties as they could with whatever cash they brought with them.  The bandits, now totally baffled by the opposite action of what they used to see, could not decide whether to join the buying or spend more resource for further destruction.  But it was obvious that people were coming to town to buy properties despite recent carnage the bandits brought about.

In due time, the bandits began to hear story going around the town.  Story about the town being a candidate for a major train hub. Corporations running national railroad scouted the town and like what they saw.  The CEOs met to discuss scheduling, logistics, and infrastructure buildup considering the town as a possible major hub.  Suddenly, the bandits realized the magnitude of their error. Further destruction to destroy value would only attract even more buyers.  It was as if the bandits donated their money and effort to help local and visitors to buy cheap properties.

“Sh*t! Perhaps, we should better start buying now before news break on the town being a national hub!”

What the bandits didn’t realize was that once the town was confirmed to be a national hub, the bandits would be squashed like a bug ’cause the influx of big money coming into the town would be so mind-boggling that national guards were dispatched to “clean up” the town to prepare for the major build-up that would soon transform the town into one of the major metropolitan cities in the world.


This week kicked off a solid green bounce to begin restoring value.

iBio, Inc. ($IBIO)

iBio formed a weekly doji bar on top of the $0.65 support, so there is a better than 50/50 probability of a bounce from here per my book.  The way I look at it, iBio is a pretty girl from the small mining town with a fantastic voice that could mesmerize people who stopped to listen to her singing.  Due to her popularity being limited to her local community; record company already paid visit and contemplated in testing her on national radio station in 1st quarter 2016.  If her voice is as great as the local supporters claimed it is, be prepared for this pretty singer from a small mining town to become the superstar of the world.


So far, looking good on the weekly chart.

Biocept, Inc. ($BIOC)

Biocept finished the week with a bullish engulfment bar. Not only was the full green body this week dominated previous week red body, its long tails on both end signified a hard won battle for the bull.  Biocept reminded me of a high school nerd everyone thought was weird due to his thinking that was ahead of his time.  While half of the kids in school (mostly bullies) thought the nerd was an odd ball belonged to the asylum, the other half thought this nerd would eventually change the world for the better based on his new invention he kept telling anyone who cared to listen. And this other supportive half included the teachers as well.


The weekly chart looks like Biocept is about to prove to the world that it does indeed have the diagnostic cancer tests that can detect cancer formation which allows doctor to squash the unwelcome bugs before it grows out-of-control.

Achaogen, Inc. ($AKAO)

Achaogen formed another weekly spinning top bar (but a green one this time) over long-term support at $5.30.  Like a tireless marathon runner in the messenger delivering business before telegram was invented, Achaogen continues to march on knowing that the world depended on its delivering the message successfully to the metropolitan city to warn of a dangerous enemy from faraway so that it could prepare to defend itself.  Per timeline, the runner is scheduled to reach the city between now and end-of-the-year. Will the runner make it?  Wagers are being placed at the betting house right now.


Based on the weekly chart, it does “look like” it is going to go up soon.  Drum rolling waiting for the runner to show up at the finish line…..

Arch Therapeutics, Inc. ($ARTH)

$ARTH closed the week down a bit probably due to nervous hands and impatient traders.  Arch is like an up-and-coming boxer that could knock off any challenger in its weight class faster than one can pronounce “Arch Therapeutics, Inc.”  Unfortunately, due to its up-and-coming status, this boxer’s fan base included some “fast-bucks” fans who could not tolerate anything that resembled a delay.

“Are we there yet?” is the theme song that seemed to occupy most of these “fast bucks” fans.  Some got so tired of singing it that they decided to stop being a fan.  Oh well, to each his own.  I’m a solid fan all the way ’cause I believe this up-and-coming boxer is going to be the next Muhammad Ali.  For those youngster who have not heard of him, Ali is an American former professional boxer, generally considered among the greatest heavyweights in the history of the sport.


Patience is the key here.

So there you have it. My 2 cents on the companies I’ve a stake in that have the potential to be the trailblazers and change the world we live in.  It is a definitely a tall order but a challenging bet nevertheless that add to the wonder and excitement of being alive in this world.  Go get them!

For those new readers reading this post, please refer to my previous blog post which provided some background fundamental story behind the stocks discussed above- click here:

Current holdings:

Main cash port: DMRC, IBIO, BIOC, AKAO   Trading port: ARTH

My 2 cents

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