Monday thought on $DMRC, $AKAO, $IBIO, $BIOC, $AMRN, $ARTH

Ok, the bull deserved to take a break after two days of bullish move; but it needs to keep moving ‘less the bear fight to take back gain.


Today was a small inside bar.  It is important that the bull doesn’t let the bear takes out Friday low tomorrow.

$DMRC dropped a bit further but found support at the 89 XMA.

Below is an update on short-interest:

DMRC short interest


From the table above, short interest increased by 76,600 and is now 19.11% of the float!  As far as I’m concerned, the more the merrier!

What do the shorts know that the long doesn’t know?  Beat me!

So it all comes down to adoption by big box retailers.  The long voted Yes and the shorts voted No.

So what else is new?  Wait till Wednesday after market close and we may know plenty!

Remember, if the long is correct, the profit potential has no ending; and the shorts’ max losses have no ending either!  Oh yeah, margin call would probably force them out at their max losses if they are too stubborn to cover.


See how price bounced off the double dash-lines below?  That’s the confluence of Fib retracement of two different time frames.  I don’t care if the bear is working hard to keep the stock down; all I care is the continued development of the digital infrastructure for the Digimarc invisible barcode.  Sooner or later, the dam the shorts built is going to give way.

$AKAO did not have a good day but found support at the $5.30 which was the low back in mid-May.


This is an event stock so the current price is just noise.  Remember, price can shoot up just as fast.

$IBIO bounced off the $0.65 support.  The more I looked into iBIO, the more I like the stock.  This fibrosis reversal business is huge if Dr. Carol Fengali-Bostwick’s discovery proved to be successful in human trials.  Below is my attempt at listing the bullet points of the video presentation by Dr. Carol Fengali-Bostwick at the Scleroderma Foundation:

  1. Fibrosis is not unique to scleroderma.
  2. Fibrosis on different organs is characteristic of other diseases as well
  3. Solve the fibrosis puzzle in one and it’s likely to work in other organs
  4. The reason that fibrosis causes nearly half of all deaths in the developed world is because fibrosis is a feature of many diseases
  5. Every organ in the body can be affected by fibrosis depending on the disease
  6. Discovery 1- proteins causing fibrosis:
    1. IGFBP-3
    2. IGFBP-5
  7. Learning how these protein causes fibrosis gives answer on how to stop them from causing fibrosis
  8. Protein added to cell increased cross-linking of collagen molecules which created stronger tissue and more fibrosis
  9. Discovery 2- a named peptide can reduce the cross-linking of collagen molecules which allows enzymes to come in like pac-man to breakdown the collagen. This is the key to reverse the fibrosis.
  10. IP patent owned by University of Pittsburgh
  11. IBIO licensed the discovery from U. of Pittsburgh due to its unique technology to make the peptide on plants.
  12. Make the peptide in plants, chop up the leaves, and then extract the peptide to use for therapy.
  13. Goal is to start Phase 1 clinical trial with patients with fibrosis in order to know right away how effective the peptide is.
  14. If effective, will keep trial on the right to try law that will allow faster access to all patients

Basically, from what I gathered, Dr.Carol Fengali-Bostwick discovered a certain peptide that could reduce the cross-linking of collagen molecules which prevented the strengthening of collagen to form fibrosis.  By reducing the cross-linking, it also allows certain enzymes to come in and breakdown the collagen which reversed the fibrosis.  And IBIO was selected by Dr. Carol Fengali-Bostwick due to its unique technology to mass produce the peptide on plants. If clinical trial proved efficacy, it will keep trial on the right to try law that will allow faster access to all patients.

There you have it.  Ain’t you excited?  I sure am!


$0.65 is definitely holding and I can see a bounce coming.

$BIOC dropped some more after an attempt to move higher.


Price penetrated a bit below the uptrend line.  With price at the lower Bollinger band, it may bounce some tomorrow.

$AMRN dropped below the support which is spelling t r o u b l e.  Perhaps, confidence is low that FDA will give Amarin any advantage on the settlement.  If no deal, then stay with injunction and embark on an aggressive marketing campaign to patients with 200-499 TG level for off-label use.  The only difference is that there is no blessing from the FDA but plenty of blessing from the injunction. Either way, Amarin can still win.  Thus, the selling is way overdone.


Price still has a grace period to bounce back above the support.  Come on, you can do it.

$ARTH continued on with the panic selling and I could see the blind people following each other falling off the cliff one by one.  It was not a pretty sight.  Nevertheless, it was way oversold over about nothing; so the late day recovery was expected.


I love the long tail below the body which showed the strength of the bull to take the ball back. Also price was able to close at the support as well. Today bar could be labeled as a hammer candlestick bar.  A hammer at the bottom of a falling pattern has a high probability of forming a bottom if the today high is taken out tomorrow or later in the week.

While not a good day for my port, it was certainly fill with excitement.  Excitement of what is about to come.

Current holdings:

Main port: DMRC, AKAO, IBIO, BIOC, AMRN   Trading port: ARTH

My 2 cents.

From my camera (click on photo to see image at 100%)

Friday afternoon 016

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