Tuesday thought on $DMRC, $AKAO, $IBIO, $BIOC, $AMRN, $ARTH

Another resting day? Is the bull exhausted? Does the bear know?  We will soon find out.


Today small spinning top bar right at the $203.90 resistance is a bit of a shaky situation.  If the bear has enough energy, it will definitely try to shake out the bull tomorrow.  But the bull has a lot of supports (all four MAs are directly under current price) behind it.  Let’s see if this support will hold.  The bear is currently very quiet in the after-hour trading.

$DMRC was under attacked by the bear after it rallied in the morning.  The bear took it down below yesterday low but the bull fought back gallantly with a solid close above all four MAs.  I suspected that as more and more investors become aware of $DMRC, price will continue to go up.  With the circumstantial evidences available for all to see, new investors who discovered Digimarc may come to the same conclusion- Digimarc invisible watermark has a good chance to be part of Walmart’s commitment to invest in technology to bring “fast and easy” shopping experience to customers who shop in store, online, mobile, or a combination of them.  I also suspected that we may underestimate the parabolic impact of price appreciation if and when Walmart confirms the adoption.  Remember, $DMRC has a tiny float of only 6.63 million shares.  An adoption announcement has the potential to trigger a mother-of-all short-squeezed combined with excessive demand of the stocks by investors of all classes- from retail to institutional.  Imagine all the buyers (including 17.95% of the shorts) fighting for less than the 6.63 million shares float (I’m not selling mine to them and I suspected not too many long-term investors will let go of their shares either).  Of course, this is all a BIG IF.  I’m sure some will call it “when” not “if”; but until the fat lady sings, everything is a “if” for now.


Notice the relatively high volume in today price action which also closed above the uptrend line. Today spinning top has a good chance to be a pause in a continuation pattern- meaning that price may continue to rally from here.

$AKAO bounced some today and was able to close as a green bar.


Look like price is basing around here ready for a bounce soon.

$IBIO had a volatile day which ended in negative territory.


Price is still above the uptrend line.

$BIOC corrected a bit but price is still above the 79 & 89 MA support.

Sidebar: I also sold the rest of my $ONCY holding to cut losses and to use the fund to buy more $BIOC.  After thinking about the ramification of potential delisting from Nasdaq exchange or a possible reverse-split to stay on Nasdaq, I decided not to hold my position thru this highly charged situation. I ate my losses and moved on.  I’ll continue to keep an eye on $ONCY on the sideline.


If the bear has its way, I suspected the 79 MA at $2.35 may act as support.  On the other hand, price may as well bounce tomorrow from the 89 MA support.

$AMRN continued to be stuck in the mud at below $2.00.  It is having a hard time recovering from the recent biotech sell-off. Perhaps, a positive settlement with FDA will turn this around; but that would be another week before we find out what’s going in there.


Price seems to be basing above the support at $1.89.  Let’s see if the bounce can start from here.

$ARTH found a new level at $0.27.


Waiting for news on human trial is what this one is all about.

Overall, my port gained back some today.

Current holdings:

Main port: DMRC, AKAO, IBIO, BIOC, AMRN  Trading port: ARTH

My 2 cents

From my camera (click on photo for image at 100%)

Friday afternoon 078

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