Wednesday thought on $DMRC, $AKAO, $ONCY, $AMRN, $BIOC, $ARTH

Uh ohh… the bear got the upper hand today.  The bull did try to rally hard in the morning and the afternoon but succumbed to the selling pressure by closing bell.  Although the SP500 emini is trading higher after-hour, it still needs to hold the gain before market open tomorrow morning.


The bull really needs to kick ass to climb back above the 79 & 89 MA resistances soon or the downward momentum will continue.

$DMRC did good today even though Walmart did not mention Digimarc by name. I listened to the replay (still listening at the moment) and came upon the following below:

Walmart Growth strategy: (at the 22:00 minute mark of the 3:18:33 replay)

    1. Winning with stores
    2. Adding capabilities to our supply chain
    3. Building digital relationships with customers
      1. “We will be the first to deliver a seamless shopping experience at scale”
      2. “No matter how you choose to shop at Walmart, in store, online, mobile or a combination of them, it will be fast and easy”

One thing I got out of the replay so far is Walmart’s commitment to invest in technology in order to be ahead of the curve in integrating their customers into the Walmart’s ecosystem in the most efficient manner possible- be it store, online, mobile or a combination of them.

With such a commitment, I can see the possibility of Digimarc barcode playing a role in this new drive to move to the futuristic retail landscape.

The way I see it, fast and easy = point and click.

Sidebar:Talking about a futuristic shopping landscape, I can think of another advantage of having a Digimarc barcode on all product packaging. Customer places all shopping items on the conveyor belt.  Each items on the conveyor belt will go thru a scanning station. After reaching the end of the conveyor belt, the customers pick up the items and put them in their shopping bags and go their merry way after approving the digital payment. Basically, the retailer doesn’t even need a check-out clerk to scan anything.  All the retailer needs to do is to invest in retrofitting their checkout station with computerized scanners.  In summary, after the Digimarc barcode has long been incorporated in all packaging (the same way all analog TVs had been converted into digital TV), retailers can virtually eliminate 50% or more of the check-out clerks.  Now, that is a whole lot of saving!

Therefore, from this perspective, how can any retailers say no to Digimarc barcode when they are looking at the saving years ahead?


Today green bar closed between the 79 & 89 MA.  One more up day and it may take out the 79 MA above.  Signs are everywhere pointing to the support of using Digimarc barcode- to name a few: GS1, Datalogic, Shazam, Scanbuy, Wegmans, etc. Despite no mentioning of Digimarc by Walmart today, I like what I heard of Walmart’s strategy so far which gave me even more confidence in holding $DMRC.  Therefore I increased my stake on $DMRC by selling more $AMRN to do so.  The shorts can try to shake the $DMRC tree all it wants but it ain’t gonna shake me off.

Meanwhile, except for $AKAO, all my biotech holdings were practically neutral for the day so I’m not going to pull up charts.

My port gained back some today thanks to $DMRC and $AKAO.

Current holdings:

Main port: DRMC, AKAO, ONCY, AMRN, BIOC  Trading port: ARTH

My 2 cents

From my camera (click on photo for enlarged version):

Sunday Home Depot 006





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3 replies

  1. Nice post… to me, shorts are surprisingly not relenting. A quick peek at recent fnra data shows that significantly more than half the trading on nasdaq this week has been short volume

    Shorts did not get squeezed even when this rose quickly to 49… I figured for sure a short squeeze drove the pps higher. Now, we’re more than double spring time short interest where subsequent to that, we got tangible proof that wmt was testing the technology.

    The evidence is mounting and digimarc could rest its case with an announcement at any time. And any single announcement would just be the tip of the iceberg… Where will the shorts find shares to cover 1.2 million? At a MUCH higher pps.

    This will get interesting.

  2. one more item, Zen.

    Noticed twitter had a nice photo of the digimarc booth at their most recent trade show.

    Shows the previously mentioned Great Value Wavy Chip display.

    The one they demo’d as an invitee to the University Of Arkansas conference back in June.

    We are now 4 months later. I would believe our beloved $DMRC would not be leveraging that demo/display without $WMT’s blessing

    Keep up the great articles and photography!

    • ValueInvestor, thanks for sharing! I believe the $DMRC train has left the station. The train is gaining momentum as it speeds toward the horizon.

      Glad you like the photos.


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