Weekly thought on $DMRC, $AMRN, $AKAO, $ONCY, $BIOC, $ARTH

What a week! The bull has taken the rein and charged ahead dragging the the bear screaming across the rough unpaved road… “Ouch!”


On the weekly chart, the bull did a great job busting pass the 89 XMA resistance and is now facing the 79 MA directly.  Not to mention the additional resistances of the 15 MA and the downtrend line are still above current price.  To reclaim the glorious bullish day, the bull MUST take out these resistances pronto!  In other words, the battle is far from over.  Watch out for the bear traps.


On the daily chart, a doji was formed on Friday next to the 89 XMA resistance.  Using the doji bar trading system, it is my duty to execute a trading order shorting the SP500 emini using SP500 Emini put option (short-term swing trade only).  My stop will be a few ticks higher than the high of the Friday doji bar.  Let’s see how this play out.  Remember, I’m trading the probability which is not a guarantee but a good odd.

$DMRC is beginning to shape up well both technically (charting) and fundamentally (operation).  Thanks to “Therealedwardschwartz” from the Stocktwits streaming at $DMRC, it was discovered thru Linkedin website that Digimarc has recently hired a VP, Consumer and Shopper Marketing Solutions in September and the VP location is in Fayetteville, Arkansas which is about half-an-hour drive from Bentonville, Arkansas (home of Walmart headquarter).  Go ahead, search the linkedin website and type in Digimarc Arkansas.  My speculation is that this new hire is to facilitate the ease of transition when suppliers begin to inquire about the “how” of getting Digimarc barcode onto their packaging.

So, you put the two together, an instagram from Walmart CEO praising the “incredible innovations” that can “transform the way our customers checkout” using invisible watermarking and the recent new VP hire by Digimarc, you get a feeling that you are in the harbor witnessing a launching of a proverbial ship that is ready to sail off to the new technological retailing landscape   All we are waiting for now is the sacrificial bottle of champagne hitting over the bow of the ship to christen the launch with good luck.

“So, when will the champagne bottle be sacrificed?”

Thanks to “Therealedwardschwartz” from the Stocktwits again, how ’bout the possibility of being on Oct. 14 which is the Wal-Mart Stores’ 22nd Annual Meeting for the Investment Community? Click here for more info.

On the charting development, take a look at that fantastic bullish engulfment weekly bar below:


You know the beauty of the above weekly chart is not just the bullish engulfment bar alone, it is the combination of a bullish engulfment bar bouncing off the “converged” 79 & 89 MA support, a triple positive events providing the possibility of a high probability bounce coming.  Not to mention that Friday close also took out the downtrend line.  Technically speaking, $DMRC is ready to head higher.  With the 1,190,300 shares of short-interest recently reported which represented 17.95% of the float, get ready for a rare display of spectacular fireworks thanks to the courtesy of the “I don’t know why I shorted Digimarc” investment club.

Sidebar: Come to think of it, it is a rare occasion for the fundamental development of a company to sync so “timely” with the technical development of the company stock chart.  One lends support to the other and vice-versa.

$AMRN did good for the week even though it didn’t move a lot.

DMRC script

Source: Yahoo Finance message board

Friday script number was a new all time for the weekly script number even though it was still below 15,000. But I’m leaning on the possibility of greater script number after a settlement with the FDA is announced by end of October which is the court-mandated settlement deadline.


If price can take out this week high, $AMRN could be heading higher from here and possibly take out the 79 XMA resistance as well.

$AKAO also had an inside bar this week but it wasn’t as “positive” as the $AMRN’s inside bar.  However, giving $AKAO wild nature, it is hard to pin a pattern to $AKAO chart ’cause price can jump all over the place unexpectedly.


But because it is an inside bar, I’ll let price tell me where it is going next.  A breakout of this week high will have a higher probability of a rally coming.

I could not be more pleased to see a weekly doji bar for $ONCY.


A weekly doji near the support (January low) means a possible bounce from here.  Thus, if I don’t have a position and is looking to buy, this would be the buy signal. I’ll be looking for price to take out the doji high soon.

$BIOC did good this week.  It was able to counter last week bearish engulfment bar by having an up green bar to negate the confirmation of a bearish sentiment.by taking out last week low.  Failure to confirm mean the bull is still in charge.


From the look of the weekly chart with a green bar this week, look like price may be ready to head higher from here.

$ARTH also did a good job closing the week with a green bar. The downward pressure had dissipated and the waiting for human trial is the catalyst everyone is waiting for.


Notice the dual Fib retracement (dash lines) crossing the body of this week green bar, that is a strong technical support there.

Overall, my port also gained back some this week.

Current holdings:

Main port: DMRC, AMRN, AKAO, ONCY, BIOC   Trading port: ARTH

My 2 cents.

From my camera:

Friday morning 013

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  1. So what happened to DMRC after earnings? Seems like the shorts got that one really right.

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