Wednesday thought on $DMRC, $AMRN, $AKAO, $BIOC, $ARTH

Today, the market continued to advance quietly.  “Shh… don’t wake up the bear…”


Look like price is just about to escape the ascending triangle and break free from the bear paws.  I bet tomorrow the Fed is going to say something that will drive the market back on the bull train.

$AMRN bounced back up to the $2.4x and I wasn’t surprised.


Two more days and we will know what the script number for the short-week (with Labor day) is.  Another thousand increase will be a real sign of super growth in the making.

$DMRC continued to close a bit higher which was good enough for me since price closed above the 89 XMA.


To take advantage of $DMRC recent lower price, I decided to sell some $BIOC to buy more $DMRC.  As a result, $DMRC is now my largest position with $AMRN coming in second. Here is the reason why I prefer $DMRC over $BIOC.  Biocept is in a highly competitive field with the barrier of entry wide-open to everyone with a technical know-how.  Meanwhile, $DMRC Digimarc barcode has no competition.  In lieu of competing with others for the same business, it is competing against time of adoption by the major retailers.  But once adopt, $DMRC will never look back. It will be the next $PCLN in term of price appreciation.

$AKAO closed higher after a fierce battle during the day.  I thought it was going to close negative.


Price is now on top of the 79 & 89 MA which is very bullish.

$BIOC succumbed to the selling pressure that came from being directly under the 79 & 89 MA resistance. But the bull fought back by bouncing off the uptrend line.  This is bullish stance even though it closed lower for the day.  Price needs to take out today high tomorrow to resume the bullish uptrend momentum.


See how price climbed back to the 5 MA support?  Perhaps news will come and take price over the 79 & 89 MA resistance soon enough.  Btw, as mentioned above, I sold some $BIOC to buy more $DMRC.

$ARTH took another dump and stopped directly at the 79 & 89 support lines.


When you think about it, in the over all scheme of thing, there wasn’t that much money changing hands in the last two days.  I bet these were traders running over each others trying to grab that last cent profit when it was still there for the taking. To me, that was a complete waste of time and effort.  Why not just buy and hold for the human trial result?  ’cause there will always be traders trading with a short-term mentality. These traders only care about what the story will do to a stock momentum but they really don’t care about the story itself.  “What, no human trial yet? Not gonna tie up my money here… hey that wise cracker is selling already…better get mine off too… sell… sell…”  And bingo, you got two long red bars so far this week.

Thanks to three up and two down, my port gained back another 0.6% for the day.

Current holdings:

Main port: DMRC AMRN AKAO ONCY BIOC  Trading port: ARTH

My 2 cents.

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