Tuesday thought with emphasis on $BIOC

Ok, we got a dip. A small one. But will this small one becomes a big one tomorrow?


Price is still struggling with staying above 79 MA or heading back down.  Since price is coming back up from below, I’m considering the 79 MA as resistance right now.  In other words, the bear still has some pull.

$BIOC is the only stock that went up today in my port.


So far so good. Let’s talk a bit more about Biocept.  Has anyone gone over the Corporate presentation by Biocept?  Those who hasn’t, you should check it out by clicking here–> Corporate Presentation

Below are some sceenshots of the Biocept’s corporate presentation:


Did you see the line that stated, “Gained coverage for approx. 19M patients in large PPO network”?

Wait until the prostrate diagnostic test becomes available, I bet it will be the most popular diagnostic test.  Anyone wants to guess the population of men in their 50s and over in the U.S. alone?

Sidebar: If you are shorting this stock and is a male species, you are not allowed to use Biocept’s liquid biopsy.  You should go with the tissue biopsy ’cause you deserve it.  Ha!  And while you are at it, pay attention to the limitation of Tissue Biopsy:


Don’t forget the amazing opportunity presented below.  For those who are shorting, you can choose not to believe in the $10B opportunity to your own peril.  Go ahead, laugh it off as bizarre numbers.


What I like about Biocept’s liquid biopsy is that, unlike tissue biopsy, it can be used more frequently tor monitoring patient response to treatment.  It also reduces false negatives attributable to heterogeneity.


While I only highlighted a few snapshots from the presentation, you should go over the the corporate presentation to get a full flavor of what is to come.

Here is a friendly message to those who are shorting Biocept.  Take the opportunity now to cover your position when price is still low.  You took it down, now buy it back up before the short-squeeze forces you out at a much higher price.  Besides, do you really want to wait for your doctor to stick his finger up your a** to see if you needs tissue biopsy?  No wait, they may not use the finger, they may use the big and bulky apparatus to monitor your prostrate.  Have fun with that!

That’s it for today.

My 2 cents.

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