My Wednesday thought on $LRAD, $AKAO, $BIOC, $DMRC, $ONCY, $ARTH

What we’ve today is what I called a “messy rally”.  While the SP500 was gyrating all day on high ground (from yesterday close), the DJIA were gyrating b/w positive and negative from yesterday close.  By day close, the DJIA was slightly negative and the SP500 was slightly positive.  Despite the messiness, I take the rally over a down day.


Price closed at the 79 MA support line.  Another bounce is needed tomorrow to reaffirm the bullish tone.  The bear can still weave havoc on the bullish momentum here.

Today was a bouncing day for my port.

$BIOC had an exciting yet uneventful day.  Exciting ’cause price gapped up on news of an additional diagnostic test for colorectal cancer; uneventful ’cause price literally gave back most of the gain for the day.  My mind was also debating b/w selling for profit and holding for long-term gain in the first ten minutes after market opened.

“Take the money! Take the money!”  

“Don’t you dare!”

“Lock in gain, buy back later!”

“Don’t do it. This diagnostic test is the pivotal point for Biocept.  Hold on!”

Meanwhile, price was gyrating b/w $2.7x and 2.6x.  However, when price started to trend down below $2.6x, it no longer made sense for me to sell for profit ’cause the risk of having to chase it back up will negate any gain I would make.  Now, if I knew that price would close at $2.40, you bet I would sell for profit even at $2.60; but then it is hindsight speaking.  Unfortunately, hindsight is never available during live trading; so it doesn’t matter.  What matter is that I believe in the long-term positive fundamental outlook of liquid biopsy.  Today uneventful day will soon be forgotten in light of the future trend of $BIOC.


Earning update next Monday (Aug. 10th) will be the telltale sign of what is to come for the rest of 2015.  Will it be dead-money dragging my port for the rest of 2015 or will it take my port to the next level?  Stay tune.

$DMRC also bounced some today.


The 5 MA is now heading back up and is about to cross-over the 15 MA line.  Get ready for the next leg up to take out the recent high of $49.25.  Of course, some news of new retailer coming on board will definitely help.  Meanwhile, take a look at the video here which reflect the ambition of Digimarc barcode system.

$AKAO continued to hold its ground at the $7.2x level.  You’ve to be impressed that for the last three weeks price was quite steady despite extreme volatility in the market place.


Price is staying on top of the 89 MA line and the 5 MA line is now meeting the 15 MA line before heading back up.  I believe $AKAO is getting close to making another run to the upside soon.

$ONCY fought well to stay neutral for the day.


Price is waiting for news to kick it back up.

$LRAD finally had a solid bounce with relative high volume.  Tomorrow is earning update after market close and I’m sure a lot of questions will be answered.  At this point, one can only “hope” for the best.  I’m leaning on surprise positive earnings and maybe more solid guidance on future sales.


Positive earnings update will create a bottom here and price will be back at mid-$2 in a hurry.  In a way, tomorrow is judgement day for $LRAD.

$ARTH continued to consolidate at the 0.35x level while waiting for news on start of human trial.


See how the 5 MA is now meeting the 15 MA line which is also where price closed at.  I believe price is ready to bounce off the 15 MA line and head higher.

Due to gains on all my positions except $ONCY being neutral, my port gained back 2.2% for the day.  YTD losses is now at 2.4%.

Current holdings:

Main port: LRAD, AKAO, BIOC, DMRC, ONCY and 5.5%.  Trading port: ARTH (up 42.4%).

My 2 cents.

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