07-15-2015 Journal- $LRAD, $BIOC, $AKAO, $ONCY, $AMRN

Today was an indecisive day probably ’cause the market wanted to know if there were issue with the Greece’s Parliament votes.  Apparently, there were some big issue and the market reacted negatively at the tail end of the trading day.  Like a fool that I was, I unloaded 75% of my $AMRN stock to raise some cash.  Why Amarin and not the others?  Probably because of the liquidity factor.  I could unload a large amount of shares without dropping the bids.  And then I also bought some SP500 e-mini put options betting that Greece might not get the vote.  Well, I bet red and the ball landed on black.  What more could I say?  I got to enjoy a moment of Las Vegas spirit.


Today is simply a pause before continuation.  Tomorrow will likely be a rally day.

$AMRN daily chart below:


Today drop didn’t inspire confidence; thus my lack of hesitant to lighten up on this one.

$AKAO daily chart below:


I should not be surprised as today drop ’cause $AKAO had a track record of giving back gain easily.  I’m going to give it a day or more to see if it will bounce before deciding what to do.  Basically, yesterday gain never happened.

$BIOC daily chart below:


Biocept recovered nicely into the close. It bounced off the 5 MA support.  Still holding long and strong.

$LRAD daily chart below:


LRAD again failed to close higher although it tried again to go up during the day.  Come on LRAD, show your biotech siblings you are no pushover.

$ONCY daily chart below:


Oncolytics Bio was strong in the morning but gave back most gain by closing bell.  I added back some shares I sold yesterday.

$ARTH daily chart below:


Today, this OTC stock beat its elder siblings from the big exchanges by rallying hard.  Since they are supposed to be performing its hemostat device on human this summer, there may be continuing upward momentum in anticipation of a positive result.  Holding long and strong.

With five stocks correcting, my port gave back all gains from yesterday plus some to the tune of 2.5%.  YTD gain is now at 7.7%.

Current holdings:

LRAD, BIOC, AKAO, ONCY, AMRN, and 18.6% cash. ($ARTH on other account).

My 2 cents.

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