05-06-2015 Journal- $LRAD, $CERS, $LEU, $AMRN, $KGJI

The battle was raging on and the bull understood that the 79 & 89 daily MA support must not be broken. With a spurt of energy, the bull fought hard in the last hour to push price back to the 89 MA area.  The feat was so impressive that I dumped my $TZA before close to lock in profit.

DJ-30 daily

Notice that the DOW close above the 2014 year-end close.  Together with the 79 & 89 MA lines, the support is quite strong.

I was surprised by $NUGT drop after the open when the U.S. dollar was plunging as well.  I thought they have an inversion relationship.  With dollar down, gold/gold miners go up.  Nope, the drop was relentless so I sold off 80% while price was still above $12.xx to take small losses.  Later when price dropped further down, I sold the rest.


What surprised me even more was that $NUGT continued to drop further south after I exited. Thanks goodness I used the fund to buy $CERS and $AMRN instead of trying to catch the bounce on $NUGT.  Price is touching on the bottom part of the ascending triangle.  A breach of that level will be bearish.

$CERS opened lower and I was thinking about buying some back.  I waited for lower price but it wouldn’t go further.  Before long, price began to climb so I went ahead and bought back some shares.


That is one good looking green bar in the face of a down market.  One more green bar and price will climb on top of the 79 & 89 MA lines.  Due to the DOW strong recovery momentum in the last hour, I sold $TZA and bought more $CERS.  After reading the earnings transcript, I could see why people are anxious to buy back in.  NIH is another company adopting the Intercept blood system mentioned in the conference call.  While the earnings and the U.S. expansion may be slow in the uptake, there is no question that hospitals want the $CERS’ Intercept blood system per the CEO update.  Along with the future release of FDA guidance in pathogen reduction in blood supply, $CERS will eventually dominate the blood cleaning business.  If more investors are thinking what I’m thinking, price will continue to head up from here.  The short will eventually get squeezed as well.

At first I didn’t want to buy back $AMRN yet; but when I saw price bounced back to $2 in a down market, I was impressed.  With extra cash from sales of $NUGT earlier, I bought some $AMRN.  I also added more before the closing bell.


Today green bar continued to bounce off the 89 MA line.  Another reason I bought back in $AMRN is because their earnings is coming out this Friday morning.  I’m expecting a positive update.

$LEU corrected a bit like all other stock.  Earning came out today and I’m curious as how the market will react tomorrow.  I thought the numbers were good.


The 15 MA line is now a support for price to bounce from.

$KGJI announced that it launches online retail flagship store on TMall.com, an Alibaba company.  Ok, is this the news that supposed to bring down the price over 23% last Friday?  Apparently not.  But today announcement tells me that it is business as usual; no damaging news of any kind.  Well, I’m feeling more comfortable holding my position; in fact, I added more this morning.


Price may start to climb from here in anticipation of coming earnings in mid-month.

$LRAD also released news that the U.S. Gov’t Dept orders LRAD sound barrier vehicle protection systems and LRAD 360Xm mass notification systems.  While the amount might not be significant as of yet, I can see the eventual adoption of the technology worldwide.


Price was able to bounce back from the downdraft today.  Tomorrow is the big day due to earnings release.

Due to taking losses from $NUGT, $LEU, and $LRAD, my port gave back 1% for the day.  YTD gain is now at 14.4%.

Current holdings:

LRAD, CERS, LEU, AMRN, KGJI and 19% cash.

My 2 cents.

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