04-15-2015 Journal- $LRAD, $CERS, $NUGT, $APRI

By rallying today, the bull effectively eliminated the red bar three days ago being the possible 3rd lower pivot high.  So far so good…

DJ-30 daily

But there is still one more hurdle the bull has to do, it needs to take out the resistance from the 2nd lower pivot high (the blue line above). Otherwise, today bar may become the 3rd lower pivot high.  Since price rally today, my $SPXU position was stopped out for losses.

$CERS and $NUGT kicked ass today.

$CERS gapped up to high $4.2x with high volume and then quickly fell back down to $4.1x.  Seeing that a big buy wanted in regardless of bad fills, I took the opportunity to add more during the intra-day correction.  Since I’ve been adding the last four to five days, $CERS is now my 2nd largest position.


The 5 MA is now turning up and is about to cross over the 15 MA.  The next resistance is the previous high of $4.46.  With some good news, this will POP big.

$NUGT broke out of its symmetrical triangle to the upside.  Yeah!


Now, it needs to climb over the 79 & 89 MA lines to continue the journey to the upside.

$LRAD inched up to maintain the bullish stance.


The encounter with the 79 & 89 MA resistance above will happen soon.  Can it climb over?  Stay tune.

Today, I opened a new position on $APRI.  I’ve bought $APRI in the prior year but missed the recent bounce from under a dollar to recent high of $2.75.  When price traded down to the 79 & 89 MA support lines, I saw the opportunity to buy some to see if it will bounce.


Notice that the 79 & 89 MA lines are also in the same area at the previous high of $1.70 at Jan 8th; together, it creates a strong support.  I may add more if price bounces from here.

Thanks to rally from $CERS and $NUGT, the gains were more than enough to offset losses from $SPXU.  My port gained a decent 1.9% for the day; YTD gain is now at 20.1%.

Current holdings:

LRAD, CERS, NUGT, APRI and 26% cash.

My 2 cents.

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