03-20-2015 Journal- $LRAD, $CERS, $AMRN, $SWIR

As visualized by Carly Simon’s You’re So Vain lyric “As you watched yourself gavotte” (I could hear the music and melody right now as I typed), the market did just that.  It is gavotting its way back to the top.

DJ-30 daily

See those long green short red patterns that’s been going on since mid-March?

DJ-30 weekly

From the monthly perspective above, you could say the bull strength is quite strong!  The bear could not even made a dent.

$AMRN finally had a week of correction after six straight weeks of going up.  It is healthy and needed.


Notice that from the weekly chart above, the previous week green bar penetrated both the 79 & 89 MA lines. While this week correction only fell back below the 89 XMA, it is still within the boundary of the 79 & 89 MA.support lines.  While there is a red bar this week, the chart still looks bullish as far as I’m concerned.

$CERS finally stopped the weekly drop and ended the week with a somewhat doji candlestick on the positive side.


Did you see the symmetrical balance?  Three weekly red bars to kick off the avalanche and then another three red weekly bars after a brief pause.  Ok, this 3×2 pattern is now concluded and the bounce will happen according to my self-created symmetrical support theory.  At least that is what I based on for my personal investment tactical game plan.  In other words, I made and stayed on decision based on my personal trading strategies regardless whether they are well-known or self-made.

$LRAD bounced for the second day which is good.  Each up day is further proof that price is reversing to the upside.


However, when you look at the monthly chart above, I’m seeing a cup & handle pattern in development.  Did you see how this week price closed above the 89 XMA after dropping below it?  If price could maintain above these two monthly 79 & 89 MA supports, the probability of price running back up to the rim of the cup is high.  And guess what, a break out of the longer-term time-frame on any popular/famous price pattern (cup & handle in this case) mean price would kick off into a long term direction of the breakout.  In other words, if price took out $3.88 (high of the cup formation) and break out to the upside and stay above $3.88 on a monthly time-frame, we may see a long-term uptrend on $LRAD.  Nevertheless, we are still dealing with a lot of IFs here.  But my crystal ball says a breakout is imminent and it actually gave me the reasons for it- $LRAD has the best technology in mass notification system and long-range acoustic devices.  This is definitely a game of “Believe it or not!”  And I chose “Believe!”.

$SWIR continued to bounce and we had a green weekly bar to “potentially” support a double-bottom theory here.


Now, all I need is another higher weekly green bar to confirm a weekly double-bottom.

Thanks to positive closings from $LRAD and $SWIR, it was enough to offset drawdown from $AMRN and $CERS to squeeze out a tiny 0.10% gain for the day.  YTD gain is now at 19.8%.

Current holdings:

LRAD, CERS, AMRN, SWIR (100% invested/speculated).  Notice that LRAD reclaimed the top spot after price bounced back for the last two days from its fill-the-gap expedition.

My 2 cents.

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