03-19-2015 Journal- $CERS & $LRAD leading

Did you see the pattern?  The DOW is actually dancing its way to the top…  Starting last Thursday, the DOW made a long step up and then a short step back the following day.  Notice that the DOW made this long-step up one step back pattern two more times with today at the one step back for the third time.  There seems to be a rhythm to the DOW move.  What’s a strange world we live in.

DJ-30 daily

Although a red bar, the DOW still closed on top of all MAs and uptrend line.

$CERS began to move today. Or should I say the rattlesnake finally wiggled out of its doldrums in search of the bear who kicked its down several flight of stairs.  This one bad rattlesnake is not the forgiving kind.  The bear will pay.


It is definitely a good start.  Price closed above both the 5 & 15 MA line with the 5 waiting to cross over the 15 MA line to the upside.

$LRAD, true to his words, fulfilled its promise by bouncing back up today.  Those fill-the-gap expedition had stirred up quite a bit of commotion among the loyal investors.


Yesterday candlestick is officially confirmed as a bottom-forming candlestick when price took out yesterday high and closed higher.  There is still more room to run up

$AMRN did not continue higher; however, it did a fantastic job fighting off the bear attack and recovered half of today downdraft before closing.


From the look of the chart, the bull is simply taking a break.  The bear hasn’t made any headway yet.  Did you notice how tightly wounded is the spring inside that symmetrical triangle?  It’s going to break out hard one way or the other.

Seeing that the DOW was down, $SWIR decided to take a break as well.


Let’s give $SWIR a must needed rest after two days of fighting off the bear.

Thanks to $CERS and $LRAD bouncing, my port gained another 1.9% for the day.  YTD gain is now at 19.7%.

Current holdings:

CERS, LRAD, AMRN, SWIR (100% invested/speculated).

My 2 cents.

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