02-05-2015 Journal- $CERS leading

And the bull roared on!

DJ-30 daily

The downtrend line was penetrated to the upside. The bull is back!

$CERS continued to lead the port by going higher by 6.8%.  Yesterday, blood bank from Delaware signed a deal with $CERS, today blood bank from Florida also signed a deal.  As the number of blood banks begin to sign on, be expected to see price of $CERS to continue to climb higher.


Today bounce showed a very positive upward momentum from the base of the 79 & 89 MA support lines.

$DMRC came second in bouncing but it was good enough to close above all MA lines.


Price is now ready to penetrate the steeper downtrend line.  With all MA lines (5, 15, 79, & 89) all converged into the same space at today green bar, I expect to see a powerful spike up pretty soon.

$TINY continued to move upward in a snail pace momentum.


Price sure look bullish from here.

Lastly, $LRAD corrected some more due to nervous hands abandoning ship before earnings update. Turned out that the numbers were quite good relative to prior first quarter.  The good news is that the Middle East mass notification deals are still very much alive.  The delay was not uncommon when dealing with government agencies.  There were also news that the military spending budget has been approved; so it is now a waiting game waiting for proposals.  Regardless of where price will trade tomorrow, I’m content to continue to hold on to my position.


While price was down, the 15, 79, & 89 MA support lines are still right below to act as a trampoline.

Thanks to $CERS, $DMRC, & $TINY, my port gained back 1.3% for the day.  YTD gain is now at 1.5%.

Current holdings:

$LRAD, $CERS, $DMRC, $TINY (100% invested/speculated).  Notice that with today price rally, $CERS has taken over the 2nd place spot with $DMRC now at 3rd place in position size.

My 2 cents.

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