02-04-2015 Journal- $CERS leading

The bull, unfortunately, slipped on a banana peel going into the close…

DJ-30 daily

What looked like a breakout day turned back into a neutral day with a doji-like candlestick bar.  There is the danger that the downtrend line may become a resistance that the bull cannot break thru.  If that is the case, price may correct again from here.

$CERS continued to head higher cautiously after news of getting their first blood bank customer from Delaware.


Price will begin to climb from here if there is more news of more blood banks coming on board.  As more patients in the U.S. become aware of $CERS blood cleaning service, they will start to demand $CERS-zapped blood for peace-of-mind.

$LRAD corrected some more due to some nervous hand getting out before earning tomorrow…


I’m no longer going to jump the gun by second-guessing earnings; I’ll let the chip fall where it may.  The only thing that allow me to hold on to my shares is the conviction I’ve for this stock.

$TINY stayed neutral for the day.

Due to $LRAD correction, my port gave back 0.90%.  YTD gain is now at 0.2%.

Current holdings:

LRAD, DMRC, CERS, TINY (100% invested/speculated)

My 2 cents.

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