01-06-2015 Journal- $LRAD leading

While the DOW dropped again today, I believed the correction is coming to an interim conclusion.  In other words, it is time to bounce.

DJ-30 daily

Did you see how price bounced back up to the 79 & 89 MA lines?  I’m telling you, these are powerful MA lines that some might think of them as being magical.  There is a high probability of a bounce tomorrow.

Again, $LRAD led my port by being the only position that closed positive.


Price is now trading above the 79 & 89 MA lines.  Seems to me that many investors are believing that $LRAD would win the mass notification sales to the large Middle East cities.  I’m confident that the better technology will win out.  Why would any sane city developer chooses an inferior and obsolete technology such as the siren-based bull-horn over the long-range acoustic system that have better verbal clarity over long-distance broadcasting with 360 degree coverage?  It is a matter of when, not if is my take of it.

$DMRC, while down, rallied back some to close atop the up trendline.


Notice that the 79 MA line also intersected the up trendline.  That is a double-support that may increase the probability of a bounce.

$ORBC, unfortunately, did not fair so well…


Price penetrated both the 79 & 89 MA lines and failed to recover enough to close above them.  However, all is not lost as long as price trades near the 79 & 89 MA lines in the near future before the bounce.  See how price bounced back after the fall on December 1st, 2014?

$AMRN continued to correct…


While not encouraging, as long as price does not drop below the big green bar from last Friday, it still has a chance to bounce back up.  All it needs is some positive increase of weekly prescription numbers to help boost confidence.

Thanks to $LRAD up day, my port drawdown was limited to -0.9% for the day with YTD losses at 0.8%.

Current holdings:

LRAD, DMRC, ORBC, AMRN (100% invested/speculated)

From my other account:

I sold $AGEN when price fell back from taking out recent high to lock in gain.  At first, I sold half but after seeing price continued to slide down the hill, I sold the rest to protect profit.  No, I did not sell at the top.  I started to sell when price took out the mid-point of yesterday green bar.  Always go for the meat; don’t concern yourself with the appetizers and dessert when it comes to short-term trading.

I found $ARTH and thought it was a good speculated bet.  The science is intriguing ’cause it helps to stop bleeding without using needle and threat.  It is bio-version of the liquid Sara-wrap on your organ.  Today news of positive results for their AC5 surgical hemostatic device definitely provided the push for me to start buying.


From the weekly chart above, you can see the subtle climb of the uptrend line.  Btw, $ARTH is a micro-cap with market cap of $14.4 millions.  Imagine how much more room this one can go when the science becomes reality.

My 2 cents.

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