11-06-2014 Trading Journal

The bull continued to trot upward in a fine sunny day.


New high and you can see the uptrend has been staying on top of the 5 MA line all the way which signify a strong bullish tone.

Today, I bought $URA to look for a possible double-bottom on uranium play.


As you can see on the daily chart above, price bouncing yesterday set up a potential for a double-bottom from mid October.  Due to price not trading down in the morning, I decided to buy a starter position to see if this double-bottom can hold.

$BAS also bounced some more today which improves the odd of finding a bottom with the 2013 low as support.


The blue line you see in the chart is the line of the 2013 low.  Let’s see if price can continue to climb from here. Yesterday, I forgot to mention that I got the idea of $BAS from Mr. Cain Thaler of the ibankcoin.com.  Mr. Thaler penned a post about $BAS and I like what I read; thus I chose $BAS as my bottom-picking oil play.

$DMRC continued to hold the ground at the 23.6% fib retracement level.


Today was a small range low volume day which is to me a day to rest a bit after a yoyo weak.

$LRAD continued to fight against weak and impatient traders while waiting for earning announcement.  From my quick search, last year November earnings reporting date was Nov. 21st; so we should be expecting the same time frame for this month earning report.


Price is still strong to stay above the 5 MA line.

$ORBC announced today that it is to acquire SkyWave Mobile Communications for $130 mln. and on the same day also announced a public offering of up to $72 million of its shares of common stock.  On top of that, earnings announcement will be on November 10th.

My only response is “Wow!”

I’m thrilled!  I don’t care how the market is going to react tomorrow but I’m excited about the prospect of $ORBC becoming the largest global space-based M2M communications company.


Since these announcement came in after hour, the chart above showed a neutral stance.  Tomorrow, we will see how the market react to this news.  It’s really a toss since you have a secondary offering against an acquisition.  I’m glad I chose $ORBC despite the fact that I gave up $SWIR to focus on this one.  We will see if $ORBC can regain what I’ve missed in $SWIR spectacular run.

I also bought back a small position on $NUGT when price opened higher.  Since it is a small position, I use a mental stop instead of a hard stop.  By closing bell, I’m still in.

Thanks to $LRAD bouncing back, my port was up slightly with a day gain of 0.4%,  YTD gain is now at 12.7%.

Current holdings:

LRAD, DMRC, ORBC, BAS, URA, NUGT, and 5.9% cash.

From my other account:

I’m so glad I sold $FITX yesterday to cut my losses; otherwise, I would suffer another 43.6% losses.  Meanwhile, $MCIG got approval to spin off Vitasig.  Yay!  I will be getting a 1 to 1 dividend shares on the spin-off.  My last positive result from a spin-off was the Parametric Sound Corporaton (formerly PAMT).  PAMT was a spinoff from $LRAD.  I know not all spinoffs are the same but I like the concept of Vitasig so I’m betting it will work out.

My 2 cents.

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