11-04-2014 Trading Journal

The bull was actually meandering around eating grass… good grief!


But the good news is that price is still on top of the 5 MA line.

On the other hand, my port was having a great day!

$LRAD made a spectacular come back to approach $3. While price did not pass $3 yet, it may do so tomorrow.


From the daily chart, the up move today with higher than average volume could signify a potential explosion to the upside. This potential ballistic upside is very possible if $LRAD win one (or even both) of the orders from the two large Middle East cities for the mass notification systems.  Per previous earnings announcement, $LRAD is anticipating a response from one of the cities this month- November.

$DMRC gained back yesterday’s loss.


The green bar today put a reversal spin on the drops from the last two days.  If their mobile payment solution can get traction, this can go much higher.  Nevertheless, today bounce was also attributed to the upgrade by Cowen and Company.

I bought back $GALE after their earning report simply because their net revenues from the Abstral sublingual tablet had increased and I believe it would continue to increase thru out the year and beyond.


Price bounced back above the 15 MA line.  If this bounce can hold, I’ll hold; if not, I may cut losses quickly.

$ORBC was basically neutral for the day.  I was also stopped out of $NUGT at breakeven after I set my hard stop to my entry point when price opened down.

Thanks to $LRAD and $DMRC rallies, my port gained 4.6% for the day with YTD gain at 13.7%.

Current holdings:

LRAD, DMRC, ORBC, GALE and 12.5% cash.

From my other account:

Both $FITX and $MCIG bounced today; so I’m doing ok here.

My 2 cents.

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