10-10-2014 Trading Journal

The bear wasn’t done yet and the bull could not climb against a slippery slope.


Nevertheless the bull may have a resting place to pause and possibly to bounce as well.  Notice that price today closed right at the August low which is now a support or a double-bottom.  There is a 50/50 the bull may bounce next week.

With fortune blessing, I’d a good day today.  It all started with my attention on $IBIO yesterday.  A small voice in the back of my head said, “Hey, load back $IBIO at 70 cents with the cash you got from selling $KNDI and $CERS.”

But I wasn’t ready to load up on a hi-beta biotech stock in the middle of a down day when my port was getting hammered.  So I passed.  But when I noticed that $IBIO opened higher (> 90 cents) this morning, I checked for news and there were none.  Then I checked for the latest Ebola news to see if this virus had been contained.  It is not.  The guy in Texas died.

“Somebody knows something?” I thought to myself.

I waited a minute or two after the open to see if price would sell back down below 90 cents.  Nope.  Then price started to move to 95, 96, 97 in succession.

That is!  I’m going in.

I started buying ’cause my intuition told me price was going to break out $1 very soon.  Resistance developed around 99 cents but I didn’t care, I just kept buying to build my position up.  After I built up to 50% of my original size.  I stopped.  I thought of adding since I still had plenty of cash left.  Then my cautious side told me to spread it to other biotech such as $CERS and $AMRN.  $CERS was bouncing in the morning so I bought back what I sold.  $AMRN was holding strong at 99 cents to a dollar so I checked the script number for the week.  It was up so I bought back in at a dollar.  If script number can climb over 10,000 per week soon, $AMRN at a dollar is a steal.

$IBIO busted out over $1 after I bought what I needed.  It went as high as $1.16 before falling back down to my entry point.

“Get out at breakeven?” I asked myself.

“Nah, hold on.  Remember this is a cash account, once you get out, you can’t jump back in until a few days later.”

“Ok then. Let’s hold a bit longer,”

Then I got busy with other non-trading business.  Lucky thing I did ’cause price went back above $1 and then fell back down to $1 for the 2nd time in the afternoon.  If I was watching, I might be tempted to get out at breakeven giving the general market was fighting to stay positive at the same time.

When I finally get back to watching the market an hour before the closing bell.  I couldn’t believe my eyes.  $IBIO was climbing  and climbing.  By the time it started to correct after trading to the high of $1.39, I was very tempted to sell some to lock in profit.  My finger was at the mouse button ready to push.  Seeing that the general market was literally falling apart, I clicked the mouse button and 50% of my position I bought this morning was let go.  And so I thought I did good.

“Holly Molly!”

Price began to climb again.

I looked at $CERS and it was down.  “Darn, if I bought more $IBIO instead of $CERS, that would be very nice…”

Yeap, like everyone, sometimes I did get infected with the hindsight bug as well.  “Could’ve, should’ve” started invading my mind.  I reminded myself that I was lucky to have the other 50% which represents 25% of my original position.  Meanwhile, all the time, I was mindful that $LRAD was trading in the positive territory most of the day.  I gave my thanks for a fortunate day while partly ignorant that the Nasdaq dropped like a rock to end the week since I was so focused on the after hour trading of $IBIO which traded to a high of $1.91.  Wow!


I’m posting the weekly chart of $IBIO ’cause this is the only way to appreciate the magnitude of the move today.  “If I could be holding my original size all the way…”  Oop! The hindsight bug struck again.  In retrospect, I did what I had to do giving the overall market sentiment.  I already had three long-term hold so locking in profit on a hi-beta biotech stock was the proper thing to do.  Moving on.

I’m thankful for the $LRAD bounce today.


See how price actually bounced off the 79 & 89 MA lines?

Giving the severeness of Nasdaq drop today, $ORBC actually was holding well despite being a negative for the day.


Per the weekly chart, price was holding well on the 79 & 89 MA lines.

Although $DMRC was down today, it did not make new low like a lot of tech stocks out there.


From the weekly chart above, you can see that price only gave back some of last week gain.  The action of $IBIO reminds me that as long as the stock has a strong binary event that if positive can move price the way $IBIO did today.  I’ve the conviction and confidence that the big retailers will adopt the Digimarc barcode system simply because of the efficiency factor.  If that positive decision is to materialize, $DMRC will move the way $IBIO did today; perhaps even more stronger.

$CERS was a bad trade today and I should have cut the losses when it didn’t bounce.  I’m going to see what happen on Monday before deciding what to do with it.

Thanks to stellar gain on $IBIO and the bounce from $LRAD, my port gained back 2.9% which put my YTD gain at 0.1%.  In other words, I’m back to breakeven.   Btw, this calculation did not account for after hour gain on $IBIO.

Current holdings:


My 2 cents.

My reminder:

Wisdom from Warren Buffet:

“With a wonderful business, you can figure out what will happen; you can’t figure out when it will happen. You don’t want to focus on when, you want to focus on what. If you’re right about what, you don’t have to worry about when”

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