08-18-2014 Trading Journal

Up up and away!


So go the market.

And so go my port as well!

$LRAD rocked!


Price continued to advance another 11.8% today.  Since the earning release, price has advanced 55%.  From the weekly chart above, $3.36 is the next resistance to break through.  With the momentum it has, I don’t see a problem here.  Do you?

$DMRC bounced some today.


As you can see on the chart, prices are leaning toward the upside.  Cautiously advance in a slow-steps to avoid waking up the bear.  

$AMRN continued to advance.


Although it was a soft advance it looks solid for a bull-sight.

$ORBC bounced a bit higher and is now getting ready to break out of the 79 & 89 MA lines.


It may happen tomorrow.

$HYGS and $STV was down today.  With $STV earnings coming out tomorrow, the negative close was to be expected.

Thanks to $LRAD spectacular rise, my port gained 4.9%.  YTD gain is now at 16%.

Current holdings:

LRAD, HYGS, DMRC, STV, AMRN, and ORBC (100% invested/speculated)

My 2 cents.

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