08-12-2014 Trading Journal

Market correctly softly today.


From the look of it, it seems harmless.  Price is still above the 79 & 89 MA lines.

Today, three of my stocks were up against three down.  Unfortunately, two of the down stocks are my top three largest positions.  

$HYGS finally corrected.


I would consider it’s a healthy correction.  I’m continuing to hold for fundamental reason.

$DMRC gave back gain from yesterday plus some.


Still I’m not faded by the fallout for I’ve faith that fundamental will rule out in the end.

$ORBC continued to bounce.


I also believe that fundamental will win at the end when the seven new satellites are put into active use.

$LRAD continued to surge ahead.


Resistance is still the previous high of $2.48.  Price may or may not correct from profit-taking over here; but I’m holding my shares regardless.

Due to the large drawdown from $DMRC and $HYGS but was cushioned by gain from $LRAD, my port gave back 1.7%.  YTD gain is now 5%.

Current holdings:

LRAD, HYGS, DMRC, STV, AMRN, and ORBC (100% invested/speculated)

From my other account:

I sold $INFN in the morning to cut losses.

My 2 cents.

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