08-07-2014 Trading Journal

It was quite disheartening to see price collapsed after the market was enjoying being on a positive side during the morning times.



Seeing that after hour SP500 was down ten points, it didn’t look good for tomorrow either.  Let’s see if $SPY can find support at the $189 – $190 area.

I was fortunate to see that four out of six stocks in my ports closed higher.

$HYGS continued to surge ahead.


The current upstream is very strong.

After listening to the earnings conference calls on both $LRAD and $AMRN, I’m very excited about their future prospect.  $LRAD after hour was an impressive 26% jump.  But then the true gauge will be after tomorrow open.  Giving the many new deals that are on the table, I can see this one going over $3 soon.  However, the general down market may try to drag everyone down tomorrow.  Maybe $LRAD can ignore the bearish market sentiment.

In $AMRN case, the FDA decision is now delayed till mid-September,  Meanwhile, earnings was quite decent.  I anticipate a slow climb up from here.

Thanks to $LRAD, $HYGS, and $DMRC, my port gained 1.1% today.  YTD losses is now narrowed down to 0.6%.

Current holdings:

LRAD, HYGS, DMRC, STV, AMRN, ORBC (100% invested/speculated).

From my other account:

$INFN did well in the morning but succumbed to bear market pressure and closed lower for the day.  The more I researched $INFN, the more I like it.  I’m going to give this one a bit more time to breath.  But after hour bearish SP500 makes me think that $INFN will open down.  I may not hold for long since this is my trading account and not the “hold for fundamental development” account.

My 2 cents.

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