07-08-2014 Trading Journal

Market finally fell a little harder than yesterday.


Nevertheless, support was found from the 15 MA line.

While the DOW reflected a bit more zest in the falling, some of my key positions continued to plummet.

$DMRC took out the 79 & 89 MA lines in one swoop.


While I didn’t like the way price fell off the cliff, I’ve enough conviction to “hang on” for the fundamental story to develop.  Sooner or later, I’ll know if the retailers are going to adopt the DigiMarc barcode system.  And I’ll be there with my full size position to either celebrate the glory of my patience or to write about my lesson learned.  So, today price action is part of the volatility I’ve signed up for when I bought this low float stock to bet on the “inevitable’ evolution of our barcode system.

Next, $AMRN continued to head southside.


To me, that was a normal correction after a full month of uptrend.  Fundamentally speaking, there are a lot more to look forward to.  Still holding.

$ORBC finally gave in to the pressure and sold off as well.


Price bounced somewhat before closing.  I’m not worried about this one.  By mid-July, any news of successful launch of $ORBC’s satellites by SpaceX will send this one back up to $7+ in no time.  At least, that is my take of it.

Both $LRAD and $KGJI also fell slightly but I’m not worried about these two at all.  $NMRX was the only one that closed positive for the day.

Due to the fallen stock price of five of my six positions, my port gave back another 2.3%.  YTD gain is now at 1.3%.

Current holdings:


From my other account:

I sold all my cannabis position to cut losses or at breakeven.to reduce risk.

My 2 cents.



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