06-25-2014 Trading Journal

Today was a bounce day.


The bear did not have a chance.

I’m getting a lot of vibe for $ORBC.  I’m getting a feeling this one will be a runner soon. Despite having a negative opening, I bought more with the remaining cash in the morning.


Good thing for me that price bounced later in the day. If tomorrow price can take out today high, I may add more with cash from sales of $TIBX.

I sold $TIBX ’cause the chart was not encouraging.


Price traded below yesterday low and the rally that took out the inside bar high failed.  Thus, I sold with the eye on more $ORBC.  Unfortunately, the three day settlement rule prevented me to utilize the cash from the sale of $TIBX today since I bought it this Monday.

$DMRC bounced nicely today.


Price is now trading above the 15 MA line.

$AMRN continued to advance.


There is only two resistances before the trend can be called a possible start of a bull trend.  First. the 89 MA line needs to be breached. Afterward, the high of May 2nd at $1.74 needs to be taken out.  Look to me we may have a shot at hitting those two resistances this week.

Thanks to $DMRC and $AMRN, my port was able to gain back 0.8% for the day.  YTD gain is now 5%.

Current holdings:


From my other account:

Still holding $ENRT, $TWD.V, $MCIG.  They don’t seem to move much these days.

My 2 cents.

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