05-07-2014 Trading Journal

The bear was quite persistence in trying to drag the bull down; and yet the bull forged ahead despite the pull…meanwhile, the momo stocks, being perpetually weak and hungry all the times, could not resist the pull of the bear and fell thru the abyss into the bear stomach…


The $SPY was showing some fortitude with a green bar with a long tail.

Feeling the pull of the bear in the morning, I stopped out of $WPRT and $DDD for small losses; I practically gave back all gain from yesterday.

$AMRN could not hold on to $1.62, which was yesterday low, so I dumped the whole position at $1.61 for small losses.

I gave $NUGT more time to bounce in the morning but instead it continued to head lower.  By the time I saw my unrealized gain completely disappear, I dumped it at breakeven.

Seeing that $DNN already took out the low of the long bullish engulfment bar a week ago, I saw no point in holding anymore.  In fact, I should have sold it when it took out that low yesterday.  Needless to say, I sold it to cut losses as well.

By the end of the closing bell, I saw $DDD and $WPRT bounced back from the low, so I bought back 50% of my positions to see if it will bounce tomorrow.

Due to the multiple losses I took today as well as another correction on $DMRC, my port dropped 2.5%. YTD gain is now 4.5%.

Current holdings:


From my other account:

Still waiting for hear on Health Canada approval of license for $FITX.

My 2 cents


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