05-05-2014 Trading Journal

The market made a dramatic come-back after opening down.


Look at that nice green bar.  This can only mean that the bull still has some sharp horns against the bear.

$DMRC published a white-paper that further supports the benefit of using Digimarc barcode for retailers. As far as I’m concerned, laser scanning for old upc barcode label is akin to VHS technology.  Image scanning is the new wave and Digimarc is all about image scanning plus more.


Price broke out of the resistance at $34 and closed nicely at $35.  All we need to hear is that a major private label retailer sign-on for the new Digimarc barcode and it may create a domino effect of other retailers to jump on board.  I’m going to hold this one for the long haul.

$KNDI woke up in the last hour of trading and price spiked up nicely.


Price took out both the 5 and 15 MA lines.  I may add more using the money from the sale of $AMRN today if price can maintain the altitude tomorrow.

$AMRN did not continue with last week momentum so I unloaded 40% of my position at breakeven to reduce risk.


The chart did not look particular bullish right now.  However, I’m still holding a decent amount for a possible bounce.

Thanks to rally from $DMRC, my largest position, and a few other positions, my port gained another 1% despite corrections from $KGJI, $DNN, $AMRN, and $DDD.  YTD gain is now at 8%.

Current holdings:


From my other account:

Waiting for $FITX to announce result of Health Canada inspection of facility and approval of license.

My 2 cents.


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