03-11-2014 Trading Journal

Market played the diver today by going up the springboard in the morning time and then jumped into the water not long afterward.


Price is still around the upper range of support so I would call this a healthy correction so far.

$SEED opened strong and I bought back the 40% shares I sold yesterday.  Everything was going perfectly until the mood changed in mid-day.


Since price is still above support, I decided to hang onto the shares I added back today.

$CARA also did a reversal after a stellar morning spike-up.


So far, the chart still looks bullish with a healthy dose of correction..

$MZOR performed nicely considered that most every one did a reversal.


Price is still within the top range of the consolidation area.

$KGJI was still having problem breakout out of $1.85 resistance.


I added back some $KGJI I sold yesterday due to the morning surge.

$SVA,, like everyone, enjoyed a strong morning so I bought a medium size position looking for a bounce.


Price did not turn negative and the close was higher than yesterday.  So far so good.

$CERS looked like it was bouncing off from yesterday doji bar so I bought a starter position to test the water.


Price turned negative for the day.  I will see if the $5.77 previous low @ Feb 3rd will hold before deciding what to do with my small position.

$LRAD remained neutral and range-bounded.


As long as it is not trending back down, I’m happy.

Basically, my port was in neutral zone after adding all the pluses and minuses together.

Current holdings:


From my other account, I was disappointed that $FITX traded lower while most other cannabis stocks went higher.  Oh well, what can I say but to remind myself to be patient.  Rome isn’t build in a day or a week.

My 2 cents.

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