02-27-2014 Trading Journal

Market bent down a bit at the open and then jumped up into the air.  Up and away it went.


See how price went down to touch the upper range of the consolidation area (support) and then bounced higher afterward.

With SPY closed at all time high, my port is following the trend by making an all time high as well.

Thanks to the three big upside momentum on $KNDI, $LRAD, and $SEED which contributed to my port making an all time high today despite $CERS putting me one back step yesterday.

$KNDI chart looked much better today compared to the last two neutral days.


Although price did not make a new high from the this week, it was still a good green bar with an upward momentum.  We may see a breakout to new high tomorrow if the wind blows higher.

$LRAD made a strong upside reversal after opening on the downside.


Volume was also higher than average.  Potentially, there may be more steam behind this rally.  Look forward for this one to move higher.

$SEED finally took out the resistance and closed above it.


Although price fell back from the high of the day, I’m just thrilled that price remained above the resistance which will now be called support.

Both $MZOR and $SVA also moved higher but their dollar value in gain were relatively smaller compared to the three stocks above.

Again, $KGJI did not rally.  I’m beginning to feel that this one is dead money.  But I like to believe when the time comes, it will rise very fast; therefore, patience is required for this one.

Good thing I sold $HALO yesterday since price went down after-hour today due to earning miss.

Current holdings:

KNDI, LRAD, MZOR, SEED, KGJI, SVA and 5% cash.

From my other account:

$FITX sell-off seemed to be slowing down.


Notice that today was a short range doji bar which could mean a temporary bottom is setting in.  But this bottom needs to be confirmed by a higher bar tomorrow.  Let’s see if it will bounce.

My 2 cents.

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