02-12-2014 Trading Journal

While the DOW was down slightly, the SP500 was basically neutral.

Today big mover in my port was $SEED.


$SEED was up 12% which exhibited a healthy bounce from the 79 & 89 MA lines as well as from the 5 and 15 MA lines.  Even the momentum indicators below are all pointing up from the bottom.  Next resistance is the previous high of $2.60.

Next best move was $CERS.


$CERS continued to head higher and at one point reached higher than $7.50.  Profit-taking quickly brought it back down to $7.20 which was still above the previous support high back on October 2013.  Price may meandering around this support area until the next rally.

$HALO continued to head higher cautiously.


Price is now banging against the daily 5 MA line.  Once this resistance was taken out, price may go much higher.

Today, I sold all my $ATOS shares to buy $APRI.  Why?  Well, let’s say my intuition told me to do so.  $ATOS was not bouncing like I expected (not enough patient on my end) and $APRI was correcting from a previous bounce due to its recent exclusive licensing agreement with Recordati for the commercialization of Vitaros in Spain, Russia, Turkey, Ireland and some other countries in Europe and Africa.  In a nutshell, $APRI has gotten licensing deals around the world to sell Vitaros.  Now, it just needs to sell the products.


Price found support at the daily 5 MA line and that was why I bought it.  Although it closed a bit below it, I’m not going to worry about it.  Next support is $2.31 which is where the 15 MA line is now.

If $ATOS bounces without me; then I will have to live with my decision today.  The way I see it, it is a coin toss b/w the two.  I chose $APRI simply because I had a history with it and not much with $ATOS.

Thanks to $LRAD, $CERS, $SEED, and $HALO, my port continued to bounce back higher.

Current holdings:

KNDI, LRAD, CERS, SEED, KGJI, HALO, TINY, APRI (fully speculated).

On my other accounts:

I added more $FITX to take advantage of today dip to build up size.

My 2 cents.

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